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  1. 91' BA20A7 - Need help with shocks! Where to buy?

    3rd Gen
    91' B20A7 - Need help with shocks! Where to buy? Hi everyone, I am really struggling to find shocks for my car... and will probably need to import... any reputable source? links? I live in South Africa, and parts for this car is hard to come by... Honda discontinued the parts. Also, are...
  2. Ball Joints.

    5th Gen
    Hello luders, I am looking to find part the numbers for all the base model factory ball joints front and rear. Honda's web site - e-store no longer lists them. Are they the same as the SH model ball joints by any chance? Thanks a bunch! Also, if I won't be able to find stock ball joints...
  3. List every problem a 3rd gen prelude normally has here.

    3rd Gen
    I'm in the planning stages of my 89' build and was wondering what the prelude in it's stock form has to improve on. I'm not looking for performance, rather just reliability and overall drivability. The point of the build is to get together a prelude I wouldn't feel bad about dailying and won't...
  4. Coilovers vs Fender Rolling/Rubbing

    5th Gen
    I just got my new wheels with mounted tires. They are 18x8.5 +35 offset. I have 245/40/18 tires on them. I am on stock suspension right now and can drive with no rubbing but the rears rub under hard acceleration or moderate bumps. Im trying to decide if I can get away with stiffer springs, or...
  5. Lower control arm installation trouble

    4th Gen
    Hi, I have a 96 prelude SI and I am replacing the ball joint boot under the lower control arm because it was torn. I took off the control arm as it was a pain to unseat it and I placed some heater hose as a replacement. My problem is when I am trying to put the lower control arm back in it just...
  6. Back to stock height/ oem compatibility

    3rd Gen
    I have ground control coilovers on right now. I'm going to buy new shock absorbers from kyb, koni, dealer etc... And new bellows and strut mount bushings(where the coil spring meets the body) but I don't really want to Shell out $60 a coil to get those new if I don't need to. Coils are 15 a...
  7. suspention issue?

    5th Gen
    suspension issue? Hi guys, So I'm having a couple problems with my front end and hope someone here can help. I have a 97' SH and i seem to have a weird issue that i cant seem to find any info on. It seems that when i take hard turns it sounds and feels almost like i have a flat tire even...
  8. BB Prelude Suspension Parts on a BA?

    3rd Gen
    Hey everyone, I'm new to preludes (bought my '89 BA-5 in November last year) and this is probably a a silly question but is it at all possible to fit BB Prelude Coilovers on to a BA prelude? If not any recommendations for good quality, low price coil overs with height adjustment would be much...
  9. Does 94 accord coilovers work on 1989 Preludes?

    Spotted some ground control coilovers at pick and pull, but did not want to bite the bullet to buy them and put them on the Lude. So hopefully someone here knows the answer so I cqn go grab them. If so a thousand thank you's!
  10. stock/factory front suspension parts

    3rd Gen
    i have a 1990 prelude 4ws and I need to pull the frame, I need to replace the right lower control arm, steering knuckle, and front radius arm asap. the problem is I cant find them anywhere on the east coast. if anyone can help me find new or used it would be greatly appreciated
  11. Koni Yellows with Ground Control Coilover Springs

    5th Gen
    Quick question for everyone out there with Koni Yellows and GCs, how high will I be able to get my car? I live in Illinois so I'm trying to have some nice coilovers so I can ride low in the summer but I want to be able to raise it high enough so my car isn't a snow plow in the winter. Will this...
  12. Endlinks?

    5th Gen
    I bought the ST rear swaybar for my 1999 prelude base awhile back, anyone know where I can find stronger endlinks/mounts for this? Will OEM be okay? Last thing I need is it ripping out lol. Any help would be great, thanks. Also (I know it's completely different) on my wrx I have stout mounts...
  13. WTB: 2000 SH Struts all around w/ mounts/bushings

    What's up, everyone. I've been absent for a long time...... Looking to see if anyone has OEM struts for sale. Hopefully without crazy amount of miles....... My car and struts are running 188k. My suspension is pretty much on its last leg, barely surviving. Have been looking at many parts...
  14. 83 camber?

    I've been reading on these forums that the 2nd gen (83) Preludes have adjustable camber in the front wheel from factory. Is this true? If it is, is it for positive camber or negative camber or both?
  15. WTB: 3G (88-89) Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links

    Need a set of rear adjustable (preferred) sway bar end links. Don't have to be adjustable but would definitely be a plus. Can't find rears anywhere but fronts are in abundance. Wanted to test the waters around here to see if I could snag a set from someone on the site before trying to fab my...
  16. Suspension Tuning

    Anyone got some good links to information on tuning a Prelude's suspension? Trying to figure out how to best adjust/adapt/modify for track racing. Thanks
  17. Help! Knocking Sound in Rear Suspension of '91 4ws

    3rd Gen
    I'm new here. I've been lurking for a while, and have always found the answers to any questions I have had about my car, until today. I have a '91 lude with 4ws. It's got around 300k miles, and has been a great car. Lately (last couple months) I've been hearing a clunking/popping sound in...
  18. what do i need to make this work right?

    3rd Gen
    k... so back in the lude game love the drive of the car to much and bought another one and im looking at form rather than function in my gonna buy spacers today 25mm...but not sure what i need to look for cuz ive read something about hub centric blah blah... been researching all...
  19. F/S: 4th & 5th Gen - Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts -NIB-

    Hey everyone, I have a set of Energy Suspension Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts in black that I bought for my Prelude before I sold it. They are new in the box, never been opened and ready to be installed. Part No. 16.1103G Serial No. 7-03639-25473-7 They go for about $37 shipped on...
  20. WTB: Koni Yellow + OEM Suspension Parts 97 Honda Prelude BASE MODEL

    Hello, I'm looking for brand new or very low mileage/slightly used Koni Yellow shocks and a bunch of OEM parts in order to install them. This is all for my 1997 Honda Prelude BASE MODEL (NON-SH) !! :) I'm not 100% sure but I think I need the following OEM parts in order to install the Koni...