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  1. WTB: 2000 SH Struts all around w/ mounts/bushings

    What's up, everyone. I've been absent for a long time...... Looking to see if anyone has OEM struts for sale. Hopefully without crazy amount of miles....... My car and struts are running 188k. My suspension is pretty much on its last leg, barely surviving. Have been looking at many parts...
  2. Wheel Rub and A/C Dryer

    5th Gen
    Hi all, Was hoping to probe your expertise with two questions. I am having trouble with my wheels rubbing the top of my wheel wells when I go over large bumps. I believe it's just in the front tires. I don't really have much experience with suspension work so I am wondering: 1. Do you think...
  3. What springs are these?

    5th Gen
    Can anybody help me find out what springs these are, when I google search "p1a30 spring" it shows Tein S.TECH springs under the first link. They look very similar but i can't find anything in regards to F-P1A30-OUO DBC in particular. I just picked them up from a 98 lude at the wreckers today on...
  4. Can you identify these lowering springs???

    5th Gen
    Hello, I know very little about cars and am hoping someone here can help me out. I have a 2000 Prelude (non-SH) that had been lowered when I bought it used. Last week I had the sway bar bushings and struts replaced because my suspension had been squeaking. The guys at the shop returned the...
  5. Question about lowering my Lude!

    4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude Si 2.2l VTEC, I want to lower it. I dont want to lower it a lot though, i was thinking like 1.3 both front and back with H&R Springs. But i also want a new set of wheels and tires. If i bought 17x7.5 or 17x8, could i still lower my Lude' without any problems like rubbing or...
  6. Should i buy coilovers or springs/struts???

    3rd Gen
    Ok, im a new luder. My baby is stock right now. Shes an 89 si 5speed and i need to lower it a little. What is the difference in getting coilovers vs. Springs and struts??
  7. I'm new to ludes

    2nd Gen
    And I'm just starting to get into cars(i'm pretty young, though that is no excuse :()6 months ago I got an 85 lude Base model, 5 speed. It just rolled 114,000 miles (i dunno if they're original). here are some things I had a questions about. I just changed to synthetic oil. It idles...
  8. Struts and spring setup

    5th Gen
    ok so I'm buyin four new struts for my car soon and I was thinkin bout goin with a Monroe and eibach pro kit set up. Anyone got some suggestions? I'm really not try to spend alot because if I do I might as well get coilovers. I got an 01 SH so anyone got some other setup ideas??
  9. shakes when on the gas

    4th Gen
    every time i try to accelerate i get crazy bad speed wabbles,,, my steering wheel shakes and my entire front end wabble back and fourth i just installed new kyb/ bomz racing struts and coliover but before that it wasnt shaking today i replaced the blown strut that i thought was making the...