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  1. Shock top bushings being shredded by mount - bad install?

    5th Gen
    Hi all, First time poster, glad to meet fellow Preluders here =} I just got 4 new struts, strut mounts, bushings and bearings installed by a local shop (KYB, MOOG parts, which I hear are good). I didn't get the springs replaced. The ride after the install never felt quite 'right', and after...
  2. Strut Replacement Advice

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, I'm new here. Looking for some info/advice regarding the replacement of all 4 stock struts on a 1998 base. I purchased KYB's as OE replacements, but I need some clarification on what additional parts I'll need. Here's what I have so far: - 4x KYB ExcelG struts (FR,FL,2xRear) - 2x...
  3. Hood Damper Struts on the 5th Gen

    5th Gen
    I've been looking to doing the 5th gen hood damper mod, mainly because the previous owner lost the hood prop. So, when I have my hood up- I am either holding it up by hand, or have a dangerous pipe shoved up between the hood and the fender bolts to keep it off my head momentarily. When looking...
  4. Shock Tower Bolt Pattern

    3rd Gen
    I've been wondering this for a while, but I wanted to ask here as it seems really simple and more people would do it if it was feasible. Could you cut a circular piece of metal (or two) weld it on top of the shock tower, and then drill new bolt holes? Wouldn't that allow for using different...
  5. Trouble removing lower control arm

    5th Gen
    how do i remove the lower control arm from the knuckle?? i do not want to break it XD thank you!
  6. suspension help pleeeeease!

    5th Gen
    alright so long story short i hit a curb threw a turn while car was understeering, i hit directly on the wheel, alignment didnt get fucked but the car was sagging, i replaced the strut and it is at stock height now. but the wheel is push back in the fender well, from the right side of the tire...
  7. F/S 3rd Gen: Gladman Rear upper Strut bar like new.

    Un-mounted Gladman rear upper strut bar for sale(I don't have the matching front due to I came across a Cusco before I came across the Gladman). I will post pics up soon. 50.00 plus shipping is what I am asking for. Bought it about 5 years ago. I believe it is black, kinda grayish, painted...