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  1. Strut Replacement Advice

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, I'm new here. Looking for some info/advice regarding the replacement of all 4 stock struts on a 1998 base. I purchased KYB's as OE replacements, but I need some clarification on what additional parts I'll need. Here's what I have so far: - 4x KYB ExcelG struts (FR,FL,2xRear) - 2x...
  2. Extra good condition stock shift knob?

    5th Gen
    Hey there guys. Does anyone have an extra stock shift knob in decent condition that they are willing to part with? I'm not too into the after market ones and the leather on mine has come off. Either the base or type sh knob will do. Please let me know!
  3. 3rd Gen_ rona27Drift's 1991 SI / JDM B20A Build

    Hey guys.. so this is my second prelude. My first was a light blue 1986 SI. it was an automatic and was pretty much mint. It had pioneer speakers and an aftermarket stereo.. I installed subs and drive it till the transmission started slipping.. Then bought an 01 Celica, got tired of driving an...
  4. 2000 w/ supercharger in california

    5th Gen
    Wsup my prelude lovers, I've had my prelude for the past 6 years, bought it with a supercharger, 70k miles and love it to death. I am currently in the air force and just recently had a baby. I've contemplated on selling my prelude but I just can't let it go. My only problem with it is the OBDI...
  5. My New Lude and Fuel Level Sending Unit

    4th Gen
    My New Lude! Hey guys! This is my first post on the forum and hopefully I'll get a nice welcome! Last week, I sold my b16 Civic for my dream car: A 92 H23 Prelude Si. It is absolutely beautiful and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Even better, all stock, 2 owners, only 93k miles, no accidents...
  6. New to the scene New to Honda

    3rd Gen
    Hi all I was recommended here from the honda tech forum Just picked up and old Prelude for $900 i was going to just flip it, until i took it for a spin up in the mountains and realized how much fun she is to drive. the car is a 1989 Prelude SI 4WS, so far this weekend i had to replace its...
  7. Whats best stock motor with most HP?

    3rd Gen
    Looking to buy a 3rd gen lude. im fairly new to the honda game but i love the look of a 3rd gen. i want to get the best deal with the most power stock. ive been looking at some SI's with the B21A1. is this the best motor (140hp) or is there one out there that i have not thought of and/or seen...
  8. F/S: springs

    I got a complete set of stock springs that came of my 89Si. $12 plus shipping. I will clean them up before i ship them anywhere. Also i have 2 rear skunk 2 springs and 2 cut h&r sport springs they were from a cb7 and the skunk 2s would not fit on the 3rd gens struts to well. i will let the...
  9. F/S 5th Gen: Base wheels for sale

    For sale locally only (Im to busy with school/work and a recent surgery to deal with shipping right now plus everyone flakes when they find out how much it costs to ship) I have 3 stock base wheels for sale in semi rough shape but not much curbage. Just need some paint/tlc. Ill sell em for 20...
  10. 4th Gen_ hjdanzi's h23 turbo build thread

    Hi everyone…. As you all know i posted a thread (2 months ago), titled “known problems with turbo setup”… I received a lot of help from all, especially from, 1sickasslude (you are the king bro), 98vtec (special thanks to you dude), ludist, gregbb1, djtema (thanks a lot), neonxiii (man.... you...
  11. F/S: Acoustic Feeback System

    Interior/Audio & Security
    I'm selling my stock radio, stock cassette player, stock rear speakers and the AFBS module thing. 75+ Shipping. Now onto pictures: also for sale is an autometer sport comp mini tach, it goes up to 8000 rpm's. it was mounted on the pillar by the previous owner, comes with...