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  1. EQ replacement tray/console?

    2nd Gen
    I'm new to this and I'm a really big fan of Preludes, especially the 2nd gen and 5th gen and is barely gettin' into cars. I was wonderin', since I recently picked up my 87 2.0 SI, where can I get an EQ tray/console replacement?? Pep boys maybe? Idk, I'm young and amateur at this, so help me out...
  2. Weird Stereo Problems

    5th Gen
    Alright, I don't post here at all really, but I have been lurking for quite the time now, and I'm not a noob to Preludes whatsoever. Also, whenever I have a problem I just use search to find all my answers. However, this one has me and everyone I've talked to is stumped. I got 2 Alpine SPR-17C...
  3. Radio Help

    5th Gen
    So 2 years ago I had to get my car fixed and I foolishly sent it into a shop. After I got it back, I drove it around for 2 weeks without using the radio so I could listen to the engine to make sure it was doing ok. When I finally tried to turn on my radio it does nothing.. I disconnected my...
  4. Radio & Cigarette Lighter Prob

    5th Gen
    I have a 1997 JDM imported 5th gen 2.2vti. I recently had the motor replaced on the washer jet spray by a garage and since getting it back, the stereo and cigarette lighter socket no longer work. The garage denies any responsibility. I have obviously checked all the fuses I can find (box in the...
  5. 97 Prelude Trunk dimensions

    Car Entertainment and Security
    Hey guys, I am new here and a recent and proud owner of a 97 SH. I am needing the dimensions for the trunk as I am wanting to go ahead and buy subs for it, but I am trying to figure out the dimensions I need for the box to fit like I want it to. I would do it myself, but I am in Iraq and the car...