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  1. 4WS Problems with boss kit

    5th Gen
    Yesterday I picked up a HKB boss kit and wheel for my prelude but instantly ran into a major problem with it, soon as it was installed my 4ws has just refused to work, the boss kit has all 3 notches to line up with the angle sensor but I just can't get it to work, it also seems the the auto...
  2. 4WS Wont stay on.

    5th Gen
    As the title. It wont stay on. Works in reverse slowly. Wont work if I then go forward more than 5mph. I get error code 20 on the 4ws light. error code 20 is this: 20 - Electrical Load Detector - P1297 (low input), P1298 (high input) Questions: 1)is the 4ws error code actually an error code...
  3. Power Steering/ Inner Tie Rod ??HELP??

    5th Gen
    Hey everyone, new to the forum. I think I have a power steering leak, but I cannot tell where it is coming from. I also have a busted inner tie rod boot that is leaking a yellowish fluid. Are these related? If I want to fix the boot, will it fix the leak? Should I replace the outer tie rods...
  4. Lower control arm installation trouble

    4th Gen
    Hi, I have a 96 prelude SI and I am replacing the ball joint boot under the lower control arm because it was torn. I took off the control arm as it was a pain to unseat it and I placed some heater hose as a replacement. My problem is when I am trying to put the lower control arm back in it just...
  5. F/S: EDM? Rare, 4-spoke steering wheel by Atiwe

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Up for sale is a very rare, leather 4-spoke aftermarket/EDM/sports steering wheel...came off a 3rd gen, originally from a civic(i guess), has seen better days... center piece has Honda logo pressed in and it can be salvaged, the rest must be re-leathered, presumably... click on pics for full...
  6. stock/factory front suspension parts

    3rd Gen
    i have a 1990 prelude 4ws and I need to pull the frame, I need to replace the right lower control arm, steering knuckle, and front radius arm asap. the problem is I cant find them anywhere on the east coast. if anyone can help me find new or used it would be greatly appreciated
  7. Comparing Nardi Hub Kit and HKB Boss Kit

    3rd Gen
    First two pics are the HKB Boss Kit and the next two are the Nardi Kit. You can keep C/C with both kits. HKB has the C/C buttons on the side and the Nardi has the C/C buttons on the horn button. Still deciding which to use. But with the C/C buttons on the Nardi horn button, you can use it on...
  8. Torque Steer

    2nd Gen
    Hi everybody, I was wondering when & if I want to big amounts of power in my 2nd Gen is it possible to use an RS Focus diff or would it be easier & cheaper to just find an lsd for it?
  9. 4ws rack and pinion alignment

    3rd Gen
    hi everyone im new to preludepower, this is my first post. i love coming to this website and reading all the threads because it is very useful for me and my 'lude. i just finally decided to join in on the fun. i have a 89 prelude with 4ws, for over a year now. i recently had to change out my...
  10. Power Steering Reservoir

    3rd Gen
    Hey everyone. Sunday I was driving to a birthday dinner for a friend (who didn't even show up) and my serpentine belt randomly starting breaking apart. When it did that, it hit my power steering reservoir return hose and broke the hose and nipple righ off the reservoir. I think that the tank was...
  11. grinding when turning at low speeds

    3rd Gen
    fairly new to the prelude game, ill try to be as descriptive as possible for yall 1989 prelude si 4ws when taking turns at low speeds i hear a grinding noise from underneath the car, it will do this weather im taking on first gear, second or in neutral. i originally thought this only happened...
  12. Steering lost, broke or loose rack?

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, how ya doing. I looked around google some but found none issue like mine. I am manual steering from past issues, have been manual for two years. Today I was at a stop, turned sharped, and heard a CLUNK! My steering felt stripped. When i turned right it felt like gears...
  13. Steering Rack Leak Question!!

    okay so im sorry in advance for any stupid questions or inexperience, im slowly learning the basic mechanics of my car. So I had my car jacked up on the front driver side while I was switching out my brake pads and noticed a leak coming out of the steering rack. The leak seemed to look almost...
  14. 4WS Rear Rack Mtg Brkt

    3rd Gen
    I have an '89 I'm converting to 4WS. I have all the components EXCEPT...the bracket the rear steering rack/gearbox bolts to! :redface: (It's Honda P/N: 50300 SFI J01, but unable to find. Also, unsure if the same bracket was used in all generations w/4WS??!) If anyone happens to have one...
  15. 4WS mod(s)

    3rd Gen
    Ok so I love my car and its 4WS... People always think I am an idiot when I tell them I have 4 wheel steering because they think I mean 4WD. One guy seen me pulling out of a parking lot and flagged me down to tell me my real wheels were wobbling back and forth but when I explained what he just...
  16. vibration at steering wheel shortly after start-up

    5th Gen
    since sometime last year, i cant remember exactly when, shortly after i start my car, my steering wheel vibrates as soon as i begin to steer out of the parking spot im in. it feels like my steering wheel is a very strong cell phone (on vibrate) and it sounds like it too! this is pretty weird and...
  17. F/S 3rd Gen: HKB Aftermarket Wheel Hub W/CC

    Interior/Audio & Security
    For Sale is an HKB steering wheel hub for 88-91 Preludes/81-89 Accords, this allows for you to have any aftermarket steering wheel such as sparco, nardi, personal, momo ect. I bought it from this group buy. The reason I'm selling is that I ended up buying a NRG quick release instead. This is the...
  18. Replacing my Steering Rack & Pinion..Any words of wisdom...

    Car Related
    **SHOOT SORRY NEED TO PLACE IN 4TH GEN THREAD*** Sorry had two tabs open and placed on wrong one.. Like the title says I got one in the other day and am going to replace.. and special instructions to make the process go a little smoother..:upside: Thanks :Oo:
  19. squeeky sound when turning and when going over speed bump

    3rd Gen
    hey.. I have a 88 prelude si 4ws..I bought it 8 months ago and has done 320,000kms. I first got the squeeky sound (from driver side) when going over speed bumps around 5 months ago then I noticed squeeky sound when turing the car. It was not loud at the time but now it is really (I mean...
  20. My steering wheel suddenly got stiff

    4th Gen
    Everything was running fine, I stopped at the bank, come out got in the car, put it in reverse and turned to back up and I think I heard something (not sure) and put it in gear and my steering wheel is really hard to turn. I checked the power steering fluid and it was topped off, so does...