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  1. 5th Gen
    Hello, Been a long time since I've posted but looking to see if anyone happens to have a rear spoon strut bar for 5th gen I will purchase both if there's a set available. Contact me here or on my cell phone +1(909) 913-0956 Thanks, V/R, Mannymotta!
  2. Wanted
    Hello, I'm looking for a lot of 4th gen and some 5th gen parts. Willing to pay top dollar for mint-near mint condition parts. 5th gen JDM door sills 5th gen JDM Mugen exhaust (100% JDM perfer but altered after King motorsports will be acceptable) 4th gen JDM yellow foglights with everything...
  3. Part Outs
    Hello, A list of my parts that need to be sold. All parts are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I can sometimes ship from Blaine, WA but I don't cross the border often. JDM BB6 Mugen Exhaust: $1400 SHIPPPED! JDM BB6 Door Sills: $300 JDM BB6 Door Visors: $300 JDM BB6 Type S...
  4. Builds
    Hello, My name is Mike and I'm from British Columbia, Canada. I was asked to make a build thread as I was nominated for Prelude of The Month and I should have started this thread many years ago but better late then never right? hah. I'll update this as much as I can with better photos and...
  5. 5th Gen
    hey guys. i went to a car show today and saw a header on some guys table. so i looked at it sure enough it had the spoon logo on it. the guy who was selling it says its off his sons prelude with an h22. ive never had any spoon parts nor have i seen any in person so i wanna know if you guys can...
  6. Wanted
    Hi, Looking for Spoon Sports Twin Block Calipers in original blue colour. (I know some people paint theirs) Apparently ITR (Integra Type R) fits BB6 Preludes. So if you have them let me know! Thanks Cheers Mike
1-6 of 7 Results