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  1. Type S Front End, Spoiler

    5th Gen
    Hi everyone, I have the option to purchase a Type S Front End & Dash, & want to get everyone's opinion. Feel free to let me know what price would be good, as I have pictures of everything except for the power folding mirrors, but that's pretty self explanatory. My local JDM store has had this...
  2. WTB: 5th Gen BB6 MUGEN Flush Mount Spoiler with the LED brake light

    Looking for a 5th Gen BB6 Mugen Flush Mount Spoiler with the LED brake light. If anyone have come across one of those - let me know. Thanks.
  3. Fiberglass Lip

    Hey everyone, I really want to make a mould of my Preludes lip. I want it to be fiberglass so I can make it the body colour. How do I make the mould? (It's foam)
  4. Search original spoiler Mugen

    5th Gen
    Hi! I'm from Russia Khabarovsk. Seeking original spoiler Mugen! Please help me find! ) Thank you! )
  5. 3rd brake light (spoiler) issue.

    5th Gen
    Tried to determine why my spoiler brake light didnt work after reattaching the spoiler's 3rd brake lamp harness. Used a circuit tester and had no voltage from the harness (small black one in the pics) and found that the other end of the cable has a larger gray female harness which isnt plugged...
  6. F/S 3rd Gen: White 91 Prelude Si Part Out

    Part Outs
    PRICES LOWERED, MAKE OFFERS Si Trunk (with spoiler) is going for $75 + shipping Si Bumper Cover is going for $35 + shipping OEM 91 Prelude Fog Lights (with bracket assembly) are going for $50 + shipping Turn Signal Switch is going for $25 + shipping I live in Durham, if...
  7. F/S: JDM Type S Flush spoiler 5th gen pearl white

    I'm asking $250 shipped anywhere to the US . Paint is 9/10 and the condition is almost perfect only used it for about 3-4 months . Paypal only located in GA if anyone intrested in pick up . Need to sell it ASAP I need money for some wheels . Feel free to PM and pardon the crappy iPhone pics.
  8. 3rd G spoiler? anyone

    2nd Gen
    Im back once again lol... Can you put a 3rd g spoiler on a 87 si. I hate that stupid foam/ rubber contraption one on mine lol. Is it possible without much mods? I think the trunk lid is the same width if I'm correct or almost. Couldn't you just drill the holes and mount or is it too wide?
  9. Type R wing??

    Detailers Corner
    Im wanting to put a Type R wing on my 92. the Type R doesnt even come close to fitting. Is there anything that would fit a 92 prelude, and looks close to the integra Type R