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  1. 5th Gen
    In this video I install a Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk and drill holes for my Password JDM Mugen rep spoiler. If you like the video, please subscribe to the channel and smash that like button for the video.
  2. 5th Gen
    My friend has this wing on his Prelude and I have been looking to purchase the same one, but I cannot find it anywhere. I've heard it might be an 8th gen type R rep wing from ABS dynamics but I don't see it on their website anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knew what this wing actually is...
  3. 5th Gen
    Hi everyone, I have the option to purchase a Type S Front End & Dash, & want to get everyone's opinion. Feel free to let me know what price would be good, as I have pictures of everything except for the power folding mirrors, but that's pretty self explanatory. My local JDM store has had this...
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a 5th Gen BB6 Mugen Flush Mount Spoiler with the LED brake light. If anyone have come across one of those - let me know. Thanks.
  5. General
    Hey everyone, I really want to make a mould of my Preludes lip. I want it to be fiberglass so I can make it the body colour. How do I make the mould? (It's foam)
  6. 5th Gen
    Hi! I'm from Russia Khabarovsk. Seeking original spoiler Mugen! Please help me find! ) Thank you! )
  7. 5th Gen
    Tried to determine why my spoiler brake light didnt work after reattaching the spoiler's 3rd brake lamp harness. Used a circuit tester and had no voltage from the harness (small black one in the pics) and found that the other end of the cable has a larger gray female harness which isnt plugged...
  8. Part Outs
    PRICES LOWERED, MAKE OFFERS Si Trunk (with spoiler) is going for $75 + shipping Si Bumper Cover is going for $35 + shipping OEM 91 Prelude Fog Lights (with bracket assembly) are going for $50 + shipping Turn Signal Switch is going for $25 + shipping I live in Durham, if...
  9. Exterior/Styling
    I'm asking $250 shipped anywhere to the US . Paint is 9/10 and the condition is almost perfect only used it for about 3-4 months . Paypal only located in GA if anyone intrested in pick up . Need to sell it ASAP I need money for some wheels . Feel free to PM and pardon the crappy iPhone pics.
  10. 2nd Gen
    Im back once again lol... Can you put a 3rd g spoiler on a 87 si. I hate that stupid foam/ rubber contraption one on mine lol. Is it possible without much mods? I think the trunk lid is the same width if I'm correct or almost. Couldn't you just drill the holes and mount or is it too wide?
  11. Detailers Corner
    Im wanting to put a Type R wing on my 92. the Type R doesnt even come close to fitting. Is there anything that would fit a 92 prelude, and looks close to the integra Type R
1-11 of 12 Results