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  1. dual carb A18A1 2g prelude

    2nd Gen
    The car leaks oil, its all over the engine it also heats up but not to quick. won't pass smog, where should i start?
  2. beauty is pain

    4th Gen
    sup everyone, i bought a 92 honda prelude. its black and it came with a jdm h22a with dc headers and stock shocks. now i put in a chipped JDM P13 ecu in it... now im stuck and confused on how to pass smog now. i rushed into buying a beautiful car with a strong motor. is there any way you fellas...
  3. CA CARB research and documentation

    3rd Gen
    For those who are in CA or going to be in CA at some point and will be needing to obtain a smog certificate in order to register or renew their prelude (or other vehicle), I thought it would be a good resource to actually be able to look up the original executive order listing for your parts, to...