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  1. WTB: H22A Complete engine/ 3g swap parts

    Whats up guys im looking for the JDM H22A complete engine and the parts needed to swap into a 3g prelude like rywire haness, shift linkage/cables, ect. Im also looking for the H2B swap. I have cash in hand and will do person to person deals only, im located in minneapolis, mn. Text me for...
  2. Identify H22 Camshafts, Please Help

    Forced Induction
    Hi! I'm new on this forum. My name is Ali and i'm from Sweden. Currently building on a civic with a h22 turbo fully built for dragracing. I have a problem though, I thought that I got skunk2 pro1 camshafts. But when trying to degree these, the numbers didn't match up at all. I contacted...
  3. F/T: skunk2 h22 head, turbo cams

    Need to buy a tig welder sale.. skunk2 valve springs, valve spring retainers, and valves 700 skunk2 stage 2 turbo cams 600 skunk2 cam gears sold h22 head 300 total - 1840 asking 800 obo plus shipping and paypal fees cams have less then 400 miles on them. cam gears are brand new never been...
  4. Omni Power vs Skunk2 throttle body

    5th Gen
    I currently own a skunk2 billet 70 mm throttle body and I love it but as with most skunk2 throttle bodies they have that sticking problem; this what annoys me. I am looking into the Omni Power throttle body and I have a few questions that need answered by those who own or any knowledge of this...
  5. F/S: springs

    I got a complete set of stock springs that came of my 89Si. $12 plus shipping. I will clean them up before i ship them anywhere. Also i have 2 rear skunk 2 springs and 2 cut h&r sport springs they were from a cb7 and the skunk 2s would not fit on the 3rd gens struts to well. i will let the...
  6. OFFICIAL suspension set up thread

    5th Gen
    Ok there are like 400 threads on suspension set ups.. if you have a question about suspension post in here asking to save server space. if you have a suspension set up post pix and what your running and tag your suspension in the thread to help ppl that actually SEARCH im running Tokico blues...
  7. F/S 4th Gen: Skunk2 Stage 1 Tuner Turbo Cams

    F/S 5th Gen : Skunk2 H22 Stage 1 Tuner Turbo Cams I have some SKUNK2 STAGE 1 TURBO CAMS not \... that came in a head i bought. 300 + Shipping!! pics of them in the head...
  8. SKunk2 Stage 2 Turbo Cams (Slightly Used)

    SKunk2 Stage 1 Turbo Cams (Slightly Used) Delete
  9. Finding a short shift for my 5g

    5th Gen
    Hey 1st post ever--> i want to know if a skunk2 short shift will fit in my 5g lude i cant seem to find a skunk2 short shift that is specifically for prelude just -> civic, acura, del sol. if not then maybe someone can recommend another short shift brand gthx