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  1. 91' BA20A7 - Need help with shocks! Where to buy?

    3rd Gen
    91' B20A7 - Need help with shocks! Where to buy? Hi everyone, I am really struggling to find shocks for my car... and will probably need to import... any reputable source? links? I live in South Africa, and parts for this car is hard to come by... Honda discontinued the parts. Also, are...
  2. Question about lowering my Lude!

    4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude Si 2.2l VTEC, I want to lower it. I dont want to lower it a lot though, i was thinking like 1.3 both front and back with H&R Springs. But i also want a new set of wheels and tires. If i bought 17x7.5 or 17x8, could i still lower my Lude' without any problems like rubbing or...
  3. shot shock?

    so i hit a big ass piece of concrete(not my fault it fell from the sky) it blew out my tired and bend the F out of my rim i got the wheel replaced and surprisingly the car isnt pulling at all the turning is fine, but... the car is sagging to my front driver side wheel(where the new wheel is) and...
  4. Question for the SH owners.

    5th Gen
    So it's that time to relace the shocks and springs. I already have the springs H&R racing springs now I just need the shocks. I looked around a couple forums and most all give me no answers. What type of shocks ARE out there for the SH tokico hp blues on don't say exc. SH so does that...
  5. F/S 3rd Gen: 90-91 Tokiko/H&R suspension (Used)

    Letting go of my Tokiko blues with H&R lowering springs off my 91. Figured they could help someone out on the forum looking to lower their car. I have no use for them now that I have my K-sports. 50.00 plus shipping from 93035. Or if you are close enough come get them. I estimate they have about...