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  1. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
  2. 5th Gen
    Hey there guys. Does anyone have an extra stock shift knob in decent condition that they are willing to part with? I'm not too into the after market ones and the leather on mine has come off. Either the base or type sh knob will do. Please let me know!
  3. 3rd Gen
    In sum, my car wont go into gear while running... but when its off it will go into all gears. To put it into gear and start it causes the car to jump forward even with the clutch pushed I think.. but the slave cylinder / fork opens up when you push the clutch. Also.. I did the B21A1 swap to...
  4. 3rd Gen
    I cannot shift right now barely its only gonna get worst does anyone know where I can buy some or if ur selling some can I buy them from u.
  5. 3rd Gen
    Whats up guys? This is my first post, and I'm trying to do it right, so please feel free to critique me on what I can do next time to better fit the PreludePower style of thread starting. So I've been the proud owner of a 88 Lude for about a year now, and I actually bought the thing with a...
  6. 5th Gen
    That's right. JLUDE is actually posting a topic asking a question about the 5th gen! What is the world coming to?! I've lubed my shift linkage on top of the transmission but I was wondering if anyone has tried lubing the cables themselves with motorcycle cable lube or equivalent. Also can...
1-6 of 6 Results