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  1. Wanted
    Dilemma resolved. DELETE ME!
  2. 5th Gen
    In the market to buy an SH with bad motor and trans or shell. Anyone know if a 97 SH (H22A4) will swap into any SH model. I read somewhere that after 98 the mounts and undercarriage slightly changed. Im sitting on a good motor and trans and am looking for a swap. Will drive and transport across...
  3. Cars For Sale
    92si 5spd 120,xxx miles Black on steelies or with the "SE" wheels the bad No engine!! Threw a rod pull the motor to see if it was salvageable its not. Everything else is still with the car full wiring harness, axles, trans. the car has some very minor rust on the passenger side wheel well. other...
  4. General
    I was cruising through and found the shell photo contest and came upon this 4th gen Prelude. Is this anyone's on here? Nice ride. Go vote!
1-4 of 6 Results