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  1. Interior/Audio & Security
    host image pm me a phone number and i can text you more pictures 7.10 condtions, few scratches here and there, cleans up good. Cheaper than the junk in ebay.
  2. 4th Gen
    Hello, I'm interested in installing a AP1 cluster into a 4th gen SRV but I'm having some trouble finding all of the information. I've contacted Mark at marklamond website but its been four weeks and I haven't received any word yet. May someone please point me in the right direction? If it's...
  3. General
    I must say I have missed my prelude far more than I imagine. I wish I would have never S............................................... topped driving it lol. I have not drove it because it has been needing a new timing belt and i did not want to risk driving it with...
  4. Interior/Audio & Security
    text 317 397 61 97 pics later tonight. 8/10 condition
  5. Wheels/Tires
    Selling (4) Continental Extreme Contact DW (Dry/Wet) tires about 95% tread left on the 215/45/17s and 85% on the 245/40/17s. Less than 2,500-3,000 miles driven on these tires, they're in excellent condition. Asking $210 shipped for each pair I can separate the pairs if needed
  6. Exterior/Styling
    S2000 retros SOLD....MODS please close
  7. 5th Gen
    Hello fellow PreludePower members! I wrote this DIY write up a while ago and posted it on my local Prelude website. I no longer have the S2K seats as I upgraded to Recaros but a fellow Prelude enthusiast on this forum messaged me asking to share it on preludepower and possibly be put in the 5th...
  8. Interior/Audio & Security
    I may not need these soon so I've decided to put them up for sale. They're my favorite mod yet and they will really be missed! The seats are from a 2001 AP1 and they are currently installed in my prelude with my original Prelude seat rails and seat pan. I did the installation myself last...