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rough idle

  1. Rough idle on cold start with ac

    3rd Gen
    This only happens every once and a while but when I start my car with my ac on or turn my ac on after the car was started but before it reaches operating temperature my rpms will bounce all over the place untill I either restart my car or it gets to operating temperature. It bounces between 2k...
  2. Tips on how to remove the fuel filter

    5th Gen
    Do you guys have any tips on how to remove the fuel filter on a 2000 Honda Prelude? It is located in a very tight spot on the side wall. The manual states to use a crowfoot adapter and access from the bottom, but there seems to be no access from the bottom because the steering rack and the...
  3. Rough idle/spark knock

    3rd Gen
    Bear with me here, it's my first time posting. I looked through stickies and searched but I can't seem to find something that applies to my problem. 1991 prelude Si, b21a1. Once my car is warm, the idle is pretty rough, and when i step on it, it starts to spark knock pretty bad. I've changed...
  4. h22a rough idle and misfire

    4th Gen
    i just put a jdm h22a in my 4th gen. I had a low rpm spudder so i let it go and just drove it. well last week i was driving and it would just random missfire for 1 or 2 seconds and quit.then it started runing like something was cloged like a clogged cat.So i took my spare intake manifold and had...
  5. Rough idle for 1987 honda prelude

    2nd Gen
    My 87 lude has been sitting around for a few years and recently I just started driving it again, but just this last summer I've been driving it around and I've noticed that the idle was very bouncy.. It has dual carburetors. It seem as if it has no power when I step on the petal.. if I don't...
  6. VERY rough idle - car not driveable!

    3rd Gen
    :xloc: I have a problem with my son's 3rd Gen ('89 2.0 Si, B20A5 5-spd MT) that's got me frustrated :wzbigcry:, because I haven't been able to find and fix the cause(s) of the problem yet. So, here goes: my son was driving home from school. He stopped get a soda on the way home, said he...