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  1. 5th Gen Auto Trans Slams into reverse (very harsh slam)

    5th Gen
    I'll start out by saying I'm a new member and I've searched around a lot and haven't found anything relating to my exact problem so I apologize if this has been posted and/or answered already. ON TO MY ISSUE: I have a 5th gen Prelude (2001) with an auto transmission. The vehicle only has 139k...
  2. Write-Up: Installing HID bulbs in reverse lights

    Write ups & How tos
    Here is another fruit of my madness. I've actually had this done for a few months but decided recently to redo the work because the first attempt (see second post) was a hack job that I didn't consider properly. Modifying Bulb Holder Go to a junkyard and find a #7440 bulb holder out of an...
  3. Reverse whining sound? (not straight cut gear noise)

    5th Gen
    Okay everyone, just off the bat, I know that reverse is straight cut, and not helical so it produces a "whine." The sound I have been hearing is very different. The sound starts maybe the last couple seconds of me backing up, when I start to come OFF the gas. It can be really faint, or somewhat...
  4. vtec in reverse! wtf cetv?!!

    Videos sure sounds like it...i still dont believe it though...hmm
  5. Stalling in Reverse - '92 AUTO

    4th Gen
    Hi I'm a newbie with a problem (surprise surprise) :oops: Just bought an auto 92 Prelude & while it has some fairly easy to fix problems (I'm a girl & am learning on it) it's basically a good daily driver. However... It doesn't like reversing. There's no grinding or anything, it just starts...