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  1. LED headlight retrofit (5th gen)

    Hi, Prelude fans! I think that everybody wants to make them cars better and bring performance to it lights. So, chinese headlights are shining bright and even looks good, but make poor lights on the road��. No more chinese replica, only real quality with true JDM solutions. I want...
  2. BlackFriday is back at The Retrofit Source

  3. Any RX350 retrofits?

    5th Gen
    I'm about to do a retro, and wanted a bixenon with better performance than FX-r......been spending alot of time on hidplanet lol.. For 5th gen headlights.. Has anyone done an Rx350 retrofit? (its supposed to be similar to e55 in dimensions and performs alot better than fx-r) Also just...
  4. Retrofit question: Will the 3 inch lens fx-r 3.0 projectors fit 5th gen headlights

    5th Gen
    I posted this is the retrofit questions thread but, not sure if it posted, but here's the question Experienced retrofitters, Especially those that have done fx-r Would it be possible to fit fx-r 3.0 With the 3 inch lens? With standard e46-r shrouds I like the look of a bigger lens like this...
  5. Any "Bolt-on" HID Projectors for Depo Projector Headlights - retrofit project

    5th Gen
    Any "Bolt-on" HID Projectors for Depo Projector Headlights - retrofit project Hi all, so the original owner of my prelude put in depo projector headlights shown below: I can easily use an H7 HID kit in the projectors that came with these lights, but I want to retrofit some real HID...
  6. DiodeDynamics HID kit

    Hands down their service is excellent and they live up to their claims of no hassle, lifetime warranty replacement of defective products. I've made a few claims in the last couple of years and each time they send me replacements, no questions asked. They provide you a return label and simply ask...
  7. Write-Up: Yellow capsules in Hella Comet 550's

    Write ups & How tos
    What we have here is a yellow capsule retrofit for a friend of mine. We found these at a junkyard in very good condition and he got them for only 20 bucks. For those who don't know, these were found on many european exotics back in the day (70's and 80's) on such cars as Ferrari's and...
  8. Write-Up: 2006 Civic sedan retrofit w/ Mini H1 and E46 shrouds

    Here's a few pics of a retrofit I did for JRD250. EagleEyez aftermarket headlight with black trim Opened with a heat gun; soft, gray, butyl sealant is used on these Mask off the high beam reflector for painting Painted satin black Didn't like the look, not a good match to the flat...
  9. OFFICIAL: Retrofit Discussion, Question, and Info Thread

    Write ups & How tos
    I think we can all agree we need this. The Retrofit Picture thread has become extremely cluttered with people asking questions and just chit chatting (I'm not blaming anyone in particular, lots of people contributed, myself included.) So I think we should leave that thread for pictures only...
  10. ::DIY:: JDM fog light retro fit

    5th Gen
    so i pondered this idea a while back, and shimee PM'd me the other day and asked if i wanted to buy some of the tiny projectors he had, so i picked em up from him, and he showed me how to do it, and since theres no write up on it i thought i might do one in case anyone thinks they might want to...
  11. Write-up: 5th gen Rx330 Retrofit

    5th Gen
    Hey guys! I have been piecing together a retrofit after getting bored with my ebay lights. This is just a simple writeup of a rx330 retro. RX330 AFS Projectors I just want to give credit to Jesse and Brian for helping me along the way as well as Jesse for some of his pics and stuff lol...
  12. New headlight option?

    3rd Gen
    I found this over a year ago and I meant to buy them but I never got around to it. I couldn't justify spending the money on headlights when I still don't even have the car running. I thought I'd show you guys since maybe someone has purchased them or someone would want to so they can post a...