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  1. 5th Gen
    i just wrote this up for someone, so i thought i'd share it since i couldn't find another write up. this is useful to save money on shipping Type-S or SiR seats (pictures are from SiR seats). I haven't fully done this myself yet, but it should be fairly straightforward. first remove the seat...
  2. 5th Gen
    sorry for shit quality pic - but i need to know this sensor before i stick the motor back in - this is on my h22a4 - the one on the h22a was broken (courtesy of tigerjapanese and or yellow shipping) so all i need to do is swap them... i hope but its on the back center of the block just above...
  3. 4th Gen
    can anyone show me a pic of a 4th gen w/o back seats i searched and found nothing im probably gonna take em out because there in very little point in even having the but first i wanna see how it looks
  4. 4th Gen
    i got really backed-up and wanted this done like a month ago but yesterday i go to take my headlights off and......... uh? this is not easy ive got the one piece headlights and honestly idk how to get them off searched for write-up and didnt find anything.... help please!
1-4 of 4 Results