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  1. Red '92 prelude for sale

    4th Gen
    Body --- 8/10 Paint --- 6/10 Engine --- 8/10 considering mileage Well maintained motor automatic new alternator new oil pan other updated parts Call/text for details (503)-381-0918 - Marcus.
  2. WTB: WTB: Red SRV

    Hello, Looking for a red SRV 4th gen located in the lower mainland of B.C. Canada. Willing to extend my search to Oregon and Washington state Thanks, Mike
  3. Nice to see Preludes appreciated.

    My red 1991 Prelude Si has been such a champ but I guess I have to let her go, too many things going wrong after a little over 258,000 miles. Mainly had terrible repaint after T-boned by a bonehead years ago - now all rusty on that side. Interior is still nearly perfect and I still play...
  4. WTB: 4th Gen Prelude SRV H22 VTEC

    Hello, I'm sick of my ugly POS 5th gen. I crossing over to the dark side. I'm looking for a 4th gen Prelude SRV, H22, VTEC Must be in Red, I prefer a slightly darker red then bright red Must be clean, no rust, some mods are welcome but stock is always best I guess. Must be located in the lower...
  5. Nokya e-brake handle replacement

    5th Gen
    This isn't much of a write up. My ebrake handle started to show its age and eventually became messed up. So while searching eBay for an OEM replacement, I found this for 10 bucks shipped. Figured I'd give it a try. I'm going to try finding an anodized aluminum shift knob...
  6. F/S 1990 Red Si project

    Cars For Sale
    with heavy heart, I am selling my beloved 90 Si. I bought her in 01 and have since then swapped the engine for a B20A. currently doesn't run, blew the head gasket years ago, has since been repaired, but the car sat for so long, the poor thing has many other issues that I just don't have time to...
  7. PA: F/S/T 1997 San Marino Red Prelude Base

    Cars For Sale
    Hey all im just testing waters unless i get my asking price. But i am seeing what i can get for my Prelude. Im located near Philadelphia, PA. Maintenance was kept up with every 3500 miles by my friend who is a certified tech at Scott Honda. Trades- Nissan 240sx Selling Price-$4200 NEW PRICE****...
  8. F/S: Red S2000 Seats!

    Interior/Audio & Security
    I may not need these soon so I've decided to put them up for sale. They're my favorite mod yet and they will really be missed! The seats are from a 2001 AP1 and they are currently installed in my prelude with my original Prelude seat rails and seat pan. I did the installation myself last...
  9. My red 1989 Pelude 2.0Si 4WS

    Photo Gallery
    1989 Prelude 2.0Si 4WS- Red This is My Red 89 Lude. I bought it in 2008 from the original owner. Here is a few pics to show what I have done so far. Enjoy!
  10. Black Top Shop

    Hey guys, I was recently toying with the idea of a black top on the lude... i was wondering if someone was able to do a photoshop for me. Here is a pic. i was inspired by ... dreamreaper
  11. F/S 5th Gen: JDM Red SiR Seats - front and rear

    Interior/Audio & Security
    The seats are sold! Thank you. There are a few more pictures here, but I've cleaned up the seats a little since these pics were taken:[email protected]/