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  1. Bad sound with stock speakers

    Hello again ! So I have an issue with the audio system of my prelude II 1.8 EX. First of all I use a stock BLAUPUNKT SQM23 BOSTON car radio and it works fine (I guess), it can play cassettes and that's all I ask of it. However, the audio quality is very bad, it sounds like the speakers in my car...
  2. Weird wiring problem 1990 prelude

    3rd Gen
    So my lude has been sitting out for a while and I recently turned it on to find out my right head light won't lift and the Motor isn't making any noise and my radio is not working. The deal with the radio is that the front panel is not showing anything on the screen but when I eject a disk it...
  3. Double Din Headunit 3g Installation

    Car Entertainment and Security
    Guys, I know a few people were asking if this was possible (four years ago), and I am sure you know now that it is. However, I will give a few tips to those of you who have not yet attempted it. It is not hard, it should fit pretty easily. First off, get a dash install kit for a '96 Accord. It...
  4. Radio Help

    5th Gen
    So 2 years ago I had to get my car fixed and I foolishly sent it into a shop. After I got it back, I drove it around for 2 weeks without using the radio so I could listen to the engine to make sure it was doing ok. When I finally tried to turn on my radio it does nothing.. I disconnected my...
  5. Radio & Cigarette Lighter Prob

    5th Gen
    I have a 1997 JDM imported 5th gen 2.2vti. I recently had the motor replaced on the washer jet spray by a garage and since getting it back, the stereo and cigarette lighter socket no longer work. The garage denies any responsibility. I have obviously checked all the fuses I can find (box in the...
  6. F/S: Acoustic Feeback System

    Interior/Audio & Security
    I'm selling my stock radio, stock cassette player, stock rear speakers and the AFBS module thing. 75+ Shipping. Now onto pictures: also for sale is an autometer sport comp mini tach, it goes up to 8000 rpm's. it was mounted on the pillar by the previous owner, comes with...