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  1. 1988-1991 Honda Prelude Radiator MT to AT

    3rd Gen
    The Radiator for the manual trans cars is unavailable as far as I can find so the work around I found was to buy the AT Radiator and take off or plug the oil cooler holes and use in place. The temperature of my car has not changed a bit and it was a direct fit. These also can be ordered at any...
  2. Seemingly Random Coolant Blowout

    Intake & Cooling
    Hi there, first post yo's. So, every 7-14 days the following occurs: 1) I smell burning oil 1.Sometimes) My oil pressure indicator light on the dash begins to flicker. 2) Only once I stop and turn the car off I hear a hissing coming from around the throttle body. 3) Simultaneously my engine...
  3. Cap Hunt For An After Market Radiator

    3rd Gen
    Hello! I'm hoping somebody out there has managed to purchase the same radiator as I have and was able to find a fitting cap! I have a b21a1 and recently purchased a new radiator from rockauto, branded APDI/PRO with the part number 8010885 I've gone through various caps, I've gone to both local...
  4. 97 Prelude Overheating/Radiator

    5th Gen
    Good morning, I got a 97 Prelude that I have had for about 7 years, running well but come up with some issues lately most annoying being overheating almost daily. Mechanic told me that one of the fans in the stock radiator isnt functioning right. Got it fixed once and its overheating constantly...
  5. Copper/Brass Radiator

    5th Gen
    Hello, Wonder if you run a copper/brass radiator on your 'lude and how many years you've run it for and on which antifreeze? Any engine corrosion problems such as failed head gaskets or corroded heads/blocks and water pumps? The problem is the aluminum engine and copper form a galvanic cell...
  6. Overheating!

    5th Gen
    Hey Guys! I Did a little looking around the forums and such, but I need a fresh opinion, especially one that fits my particular situation: AUTOMATIC H22A4 6 months ago, AAA informed me my radiator was cracked, still functional, but leaking. A month ago (after buying an 80 dollar radiator but...
  7. 01 Cooling Fan Problems!!!

    5th Gen
    Hey guys - a google search brought me back to this thread: But I didn't see a resolution at the end? Anyway, my rad went a couple days ago (massive leaking, then resulting overheating from the lack of coolant). I replaced the rad, and...
  8. WTB: OEM 5th Gen Prelude Radiator Cooling Fan Motor

    Hello, If anyone has a OEM cooling fan for my 97 Honda Prelude (BASE MODEL), please let me know! Mine no longer functions so let me know if you got one! Need to get it shipped to Blaine, WA 98230 Thanks Cheers Mike :smilejap: Number 7 in this diagram:
  9. Radiator questions

    4th Gen
    Sooooo i installed a 1/2 civic radiator in my f22 turbo prelude. It was running great then it started to overheat. I haven't checked anything yet. fan seems to be kicking in. i was going to check the thermostat and the temp sensor. i remember seeing people putting this liquid into the radiator...
  10. Fallacy's Mizu Radiator

    5th Gen
    Knew the radiator was coming in today, tyvm UPS tracking. Didn't stop me from being excited about it though haha. I got the S2K setup, being that I'm swapping in a J series V6 and it's coolant lines are on the opposite side from that of a H series. Now, on to pics! So despite the "Fragile"...
  11. radiator holds pressure over night.

    4th Gen
    Ok I have a 94 si with a brand new h22a swap. I went through the engine and replaced every gasket and seal I could find(including head gasket) now I have a koyo racing radiator holds about 2 gallons of the Honda blue fluid. And it has a koyo 1.3 bar high pressure cap. Anyway I can run the car...
  12. wierd idle issue

    3rd Gen
    Hey everyone. I know theres alot of threads about idleing issues buts mines a little different. First let me start of with recent events. About 3 weeks ago my radiator blew while i was driving. I bought a new radiator and lower radiator hose and put them in. I didnt do the upper hose cause i...
  13. Heater still dosen't work, can anyone seggest anything?

    3rd Gen
    Can someone please help me? I've got a 89 prelude si and I get no heat when the heater is on. My car ran like a champ as well as the heater until my timing belt broke and thrashed the engine. I had my mechanic drop one in that I found at a wrecking yard. Well when I got the car back the heater...