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  1. Coil overs

    5th Gen
    The coil overs on my 99 Prelude need to be replaced. What are the best ones to get? I’m willing to pay top price.
  2. 97 grill

    5th Gen
    Hello just bought a 97 prelude 5th gen looking for a grill for the front haven’t had any luck anywhere else pretty new to forums as well
  3. 5th gen misfire

    5th Gen
    Okay so here's whats going on, I recently bought a 2000 Honda prelude, kid said he had the head rebuilt and that's all, he couldn't get the car to run, I managed to get the car running after fixing the fuel pump relay, noticed engine had a jumpy idle, couldn't rev past 4k ram, replaced all the...
  4. Type SH model with H23A engine

    5th Gen
    Hey guys I am new to this forum and Preludes as well. So here goes my little story/question. I had bought a 01 Prelude type SH a while ago which had the stock usdm motor (h22a4). It had taken a shit and I had gotten swapped an h23a (blue top). Trying to get bolt-ons or parts in general. When...
  5. ‘80 Prelude, 1 owner, garaged, runs/drives., everything works. For sale?

    Cars For Sale
    42k miles, been garaged since 2005 or 2007, electric all works, runs drives needs carb work. Interior looks flawless. 1 rust spot (driver rear q-panel).
  6. Red '92 prelude for sale

    4th Gen
    Body --- 8/10 Paint --- 6/10 Engine --- 8/10 considering mileage Well maintained motor automatic new alternator new oil pan other updated parts Call/text for details (503)-381-0918 - Marcus.
  7. My 4th gen prelude build

    Ask ?
  8. 1997 Prelude Type SH

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