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  1. Builds
    Hi everyone!! My name is Garrett and I just got myself a 1991 Honda prelude si 2.0 My plans are to put an h22 in it and the components to make it have 4ws!!
  2. 4th Gen
    Hello everyone ! I'm a french owner from Quebec of a Honda prelude 92' with the H22A engine. My two problems was : when the car has not started for more than 5 hours, the engine takes about 20 to 30 seconds to start, if I press the throttle it takes about 10 seconds, which makes me think of a...
  3. Part Outs
    Bought this car as a quick project to slam together and drive this winter so my 2011 CR-Z didn't get salty up here in Canada. Engine had 141000 kilometers on it figured it'd be a decent running car to drive back and forth with. The inner rockers on the other hand were pretty soft and holy...
  4. 2nd Gen
    hey prelude power! i’m koy, 21 years old, and brand spanking new to the car world. sorry i know it’s super late for me to join and i know absolutely nothing about project cars, but i’m here to learn. I recently came into possession of an 86’ prelude and i was wondering if there were any body kit...
  5. 5th Gen
    I bought a 99 prelude about a month ago, a couple weeks into it, it throws me a p0420 code which it has to do with the catalytic converter. Came to find out the previous owner did a cat delete and straight piped it with both sensors connected. My car has poor gas mileage and it has rough idle. I...
  6. For Sale / Trade
    I actually have (3) 5th Generation Preludes for sale. All Auto. All pictured. These would make someone some nice cars with a little TLC. *2001 - The 1st one is Honda Electric Blue with a black hood. Mileage 157,390. It runs and drives well, remote start, and is pretty much ready to...
  7. Builds
    Hello everyone, Last summer I was scrolling through Facebook Marketplace on my lunch break at work and came across a 2001 Honda Prelude. I have always had an admiration for Hondas after owning an RSX for a number of years that I rather unfortunately totaled. The price was right, $2000 for not...
  8. 5th Gen
    I just got my hands on a 2000 Prelude, I am looking to replace the overheard dome light. Specifically something that changes color by remote. Is this what I am looking for ? What specific light connection...
  9. 5th Gen
    Many of you know the prelude is a wonderful car. I have found one (unsure of the year) Its a 5th gen, it has been sitting for 2 years and wont start, im not sure if it'll crank, i was hoping if anyone would have any idea on what i should try to do, or if there are any common issues i should fix...
  10. 4th Gen
    Hey guys. First post here. Been searching for ages on some questions I have and I’m at the end of my rope for answers. I have a usdm 96 (4th gen) prelude si 5 speed with the stock non vtec h23a1. It’s high miles and I was looking into swaps. I found the most cost effective seems to be...
  11. General
    Any turbo kits that are good and on the cheaper side for the 5th gen. and also can’t seem to find any ecu’s for the prelude
  12. 4th Gen
    i have a 1993 honda prelude h22a 5 speed manuel . new to this forum and looking for more parts for my car , such as rare oem parts , floor mats , fog lights , interior , headlights , wing. honestly anything you guys might have up for sale .
  13. 4th Gen
    Hi, have a 92 Prelude si 2.3 NON vTec. Only thing aftermarket is the intake. Even has FACTORY EXHAUST. A survivor. Idles fine, past 1000 rpms, missing & falls on it's face. Replace the fuel pump and filter, fuel pressure is good. Have a place the entire ignition system from the camshaft out...
  14. 3rd Gen
    Hi, I just recently just picked up a 3rd gen prelude, and it's missing the climate control knob. If anyone has a spare or doesn't want theirs please let me know!
  15. 5th Gen
    Hey guys wanted to know if I will be able to fit 18x9.5 on the front and 18.10.5 on rears on the 98 prelude both with a 22 offset. I will be rolling my fenders and what tire size you recommend I kind of want a bit of stretch. Thanks for the help.
  16. 3rd Gen
    hay Compatibilidad de culata b20b crv a motor b20a3? o como puedo volver inyectado b20a3
  17. General
    I was wondering if there were any interchangeable windows for a 1998 prelude. For example, I have a 2008 Denali and a 2009 Escalade and most of those parts are interchangeable. And it seems to be difficult finding a passenger side window for my Prelude in my area so I was hoping maybe there...
  18. 3rd Gen
    Hello everyone New here, found the only 3rd Gen in the country in rusty neglected condition, will be a full blown project and i'll be posting updates here. It's a JDM 2.0Si that's going to stay as OEM as possible with little upgrades here and there only when necessary.
  19. 5th Gen
    The coil overs on my 99 Prelude need to be replaced. What are the best ones to get? I’m willing to pay top price.
  20. 5th Gen
    Hello just bought a 97 prelude 5th gen looking for a grill for the front haven’t had any luck anywhere else pretty new to forums as well
1-20 of 299 Results