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  1. Part Outs
    [url=][img]http://s30.postimg.o tail lights- $ 65shipped (us only) gauge cluster - 45 shipped (us only) (140-150k) steering wheel w/airbag - $25+shipping passenger air bag - 50 shipped (us only) anything you need ask and I will get you a price to your...
  2. Australia
    I have a 1992 Honda Prelude which has just got Defected for being to low, now I need to raise it and needs to go through a vehicle inspection! I don't want it getting defected for the Sports stearing wheel and the 18 wheels, and the air box as its not standard. ##Im not too worried about the...
  3. 3rd Gen
    Si States Rear Badge I went over to the Japanese garage today and they could not get me my SIStates badge because all Si Versions were discontinued. It hurts down inside because I see the residue outline and nothing to fill it, I have the most rarest of 3rd Gen Preludes (maybe of all of them)...
1-3 of 4 Results