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  1. bolt on questions

    Write ups & How tos
    hey guys, i need some advice! I have a 4th gen with the H22a and im wanting to put some power under the hood. Problem is im working on a $1,400 budget for now (taxes) What would you guys and gals suggest?? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. power lock door panel swap question.

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, so I HOPE I'm not asking an already asked question, however I couldn't seem to find anything on actually swapping power lock door panels. All I could find, was installing universal power locks, which doesn't really help me. So. Has anyone done this before? I was at the wrecker today...
  3. Bogging, Rough Idle, No Power

    4th Gen
    Hey guys, i'll just start off by saying Hey, my name is Cody, and im new to the site and preludes. I just recently bought a 95 prelude si for $1300 this past weekend. It was originally my buddies car that has been sitting for the past 2 years. Well I got it running, changed the oil, coolant...
  4. Power Steering Reservoir

    3rd Gen
    Hey everyone. Sunday I was driving to a birthday dinner for a friend (who didn't even show up) and my serpentine belt randomly starting breaking apart. When it did that, it hit my power steering reservoir return hose and broke the hose and nipple righ off the reservoir. I think that the tank was...
  5. decreased highway speed, eventually stalled, towed home, wont start. help!

    3rd Gen
    hey guys so my friend who drives a 1991 accord LX came to me because she said she was driving on the highway, the car started to slow down so she gave more gas but nothing happened, she downshifted to get higher revs but it kept slowing down until it eventually stalled and she pulled over. she...
  6. engine running like shit, please help :(

    3rd Gen
    hey guys so a couple months ago i bought a 1990 honda prelude SR with the B21A1 engine for a thousand bucks. ( 322000 km's ) great exterior and interior, only problem was it had a dead cylinder. i could drive it, but if you tried to give it gas it just felt like it was flooding and i had NO...
  7. More reasons to love my baby?

    3rd Gen
    hey guys! so, i bought my 1990 honda prelude SR B21A1 2.1L a couple months ago, and the interior and exterior is beautiful! a couple bubbles on the rear wheel wells, gas tank cap, and above the windshield neer the sunroof is all that there is for rust. she is gorgeous :) since the day i bought...
  8. Powerband?

    3rd Gen
    so after changing brand and type of oil in my lude, i have have really noticed where my powerband is in each gear. and i swear it feels like some secret hidden example: in first gear at 3/4 throttle as soon as i hit 3500 rpm, the power and acceleration jumps to the point where you...
  9. JDM Mirror Issues

    4th Gen
    Here's the deal, I've got my mirrors wired up "how they should be". I figured I'd run into problems because the relay I got has 5 wires and the Prelude one is supposed to have 7. Well I got it wired up with the 5 wire/pin relay and the switch. Now to the problem: when I hit the button to make...
  10. Best ways to pull 200Hp in an 89?

    3rd Gen
    i need help with this one guys. i an really new to the world of honda and prelude. i bought the car to save gas and my roots took over as usual the car just isn't fast enough. I have a ram air intake on the way and want to avoid using nos. but it seems like no one makes any parts for this car so...