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  1. 89 prelude Si 4ws power steering issues!!

    Hey all! I'm new here! Ive looked and looked and couldn't find an answer for my questions :( Anywho, I gotta Auto (lame) 89 Prelude 2.0 Si 4ws. It's missing the power steering belt so no power steering at the moment. The pump, pulley, and everything else is still intact, except for the actual...
  2. WTB - 97-01 Prelude PS Pump

    WTB - 97-01 Prelude Good and working PS Pump shipped to 85323. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks! J
  3. F/S: H22 OEM Pulley Set-Crank, Alt, P.S. Mint Condition!

    Hi, Up for sale is a Mint set of OEM Pulleys removed from a 5th Gen. Honda Prelude H22A4. These were quickly removed in exchange for an Unorthodox Pulley kit & have been boxed ever since. No longer have any use for them so they must go! Selling as complete set or willing to part out. PayPal...
  4. Power steering belt squeal!

    3rd Gen
    It just never ends with this car...After work I go to my car as im pulling out of the parking lot I hear this brutal squealing noise as if my belt it slipping. Pulled over check tightness of both belts and there tight. I check power steering fluid level and its full...The noise only happens when...
  5. 92 Power Steering Problems, Need Help

    4th Gen
    hey guys new to the site, but im praying someone knows the answers to my questions. i recently bought a 92 lude and the owner before me actually cut the power steering pump off the engine bracket? ill never understand why he didnt just remove it. but im having the hardest time trying to replace...
  6. Alternator/Pwer Steering BLOWOUT!!

    3rd Gen
    So where to start, I currently own a 91 SI 2.1 DOHC B21A1 lude. Got some body damaged, basically a black eye on the driver side, it no longer forms to the conventional look. I proly need to take it to a body shop to hammer out the frame so i can get the sleek "no lights" look one day :/ so...
  7. Power Steering Leak (picture)

    5th Gen
    I believe I have a leak in my PS hose, but I'm not quite sure how to fix it and/or what part I would need. As seen in the picture, I've circled the area that I think is leaking. Update: Now It's possible that the pump is leaking, not the pictured hose..but it's not conclusive. Here is a link...
  8. Power Steering Rack and Pinion Question

    3rd Gen
    Hello everyone, RJ15 here. I've got an 89 Prelude 2.0 Si 4WS with 257k miles which I bought new. It has always been the most fun car to drive I've EVER had, and still is - even though it seems plenty of parts are now wearing out. (sigh). Bottom line for now - is that my Power Steering...
  9. Power steering install Help is much needed

    3rd Gen
    Ok so as some of you no i just bought my prelude 4 weeks ago for 300$ so with that price came some problems the one im about to adress now is the power steering. The guy i bought it of took it out , one i dont no if my car will pass inspection with out it(89 prelude si), two i have to admit its...
  10. 90si electrical problems!?!?

    3rd Gen
    Alright... so i got an hid kit w/ new black housing headlights the other week. everythings going fine for a couple of days after i installed them\ once or twice the headlights got jammed due to the old dangling unusable light socket thing but i resolved the problem and nothing was...