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  1. H22 & F20b 5 speed parts

    H22/F20B/ 5th Gen Parts, all prices are shipped in the U.S. •Vtec Solenoids (1 jdm f20b, another usdm h22) - $60 each •H22a4 dipsticks + tube. - $40 •Full H22 Engine Harness- $120 •obd2 H22 crank sensor - $55 •H22 5th gen Shift Cables - $130 •F20b JDM upper intake manifold with IACV-...
  2. Jon Lasaga's part liquidation thread

    3rd Gen
    Hello all. Ive got a bunch of random parts that got taken off my prelude that I no longer need any more. They are taking up alot of space and I really gotta get rid of them before I run out of space and end up putting them outside or in the scrap heap. Im looking to sell these cheap to...
  3. Ball Joints.

    5th Gen
    Hello luders, I am looking to find part the numbers for all the base model factory ball joints front and rear. Honda's web site - e-store no longer lists them. Are they the same as the SH model ball joints by any chance? Thanks a bunch! Also, if I won't be able to find stock ball joints...
  4. 1986 Proportioning Valve - Unobtainium

    2nd Gen
    I've got a line on what appears to be an '86 Si in good condition, except the proportioning valve is bad, which means no brakes. These things apparently don't fail very much, so they're a hard-to-find item. My local Pick-n-Pull has an '89 in stock at the moment. My question is: will a 3G valve...
  5. Looking for parts

    2nd Gen
    I got in a bit of a fender bender recently and Im looking for brake lights and maybe a new trunk lid. I have an 85 prelude. I live in New Liskeard ontario but may be able to pickup parts in the Toronto area.
  6. 3rd Gen parts

    Part Outs
    I haven't been on here in a bit, but as my lude was stolen, and I'm moving in the next month, I need to sell everything I have for her before I go because I'm not taking any of it with me. I've got everything on the local CL, but for the lude community, If someone wants to just pick everything...
  7. F/S 5th Gen: 97 oem grill 20+shipping

    97 oem straightline grill text for pictures and fastest replies 3173976197 pics tomorrow on here.
  8. Dying/Dead 3rd Gen Prelude

    3rd Gen
    Hello. This is my first post and will probably be last hence the topic. I purchased my 1989 prelude just over a year ago with optimism. However, as my first car, I was unprepared for the sheer amount of breakdowns and now I just can't take it anymore. I am in debt to my parents for all the...
  9. 1987 Prelude Racecar Kicking Butt on an oval.

    2nd Gen
    Blew the dust off the Ludester and took it to Delaware speedway in Ontario, Canada. That's my 14 year old son Ryan driving the car for the 1st time on that track. It's the #20 black and orange Prelude passing all the cars...until he hits some oil & hits the wall. Anyone in Southern Ontario got...
  10. F/S 4th Gen: Complete JDM Climate Control Setup & Parts

    Interior/Audio & Security
    I have for sale complete JDM climate control sets for the 4th gen Prelude, asking $230 shipped to the US & Canada let me know if you need it shipped else where as the price may change a little to cover the extra shipping, price includes paypal fees also. I have ONE complete set left now! And...
  11. WTB: 4th gen Parts Exterior/Interior

    I am looking for some 4th gen parts including: -rear bumper -sunroof lid -door Window belt molding -one Piece headlights -oem passenger taillight For the bumper, don't mind the color just as long its not damaged. Let me know the price and shipping to 47807. Thank you
  12. F/S 4th Gen: 1993 Prelude VTEC PART OUT and 1993 Prelude VTEC w/H22a and M2B4 trans

    Part Outs
    I have all these parts and they're all priced in the pics, but now everything is BEST OFFER. For the aftermarket stuff I really don't know if I want to sell them, but if the price is right I will. I'd prefer texts over PM's: 812-340-9461 -Ryan SOLDS: weather stripping VTEC speaker cover...
  13. Needing a driver's side tail lens - 91

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I'm in need of this lens to get my lude inspected soon. The scumbag salvage yards have nothing where I am, and to order one they want $85 plus. Hoping someone here could help me out... Thanks in advance.
  14. what else?

    5th Gen
    ok so my prelude has been down for a couple months now, because my dumb ass hit a curb. i under steered and hit the front driver side tire and the front crossbeam. after i hit the curb the front driver side was sagging and the wheel was pushed back touching the back of the fender well. soooooo i...
  15. what is this?

    5th Gen
    whats the name of the part thats in front of the crossmember its a little silver plate with two pill shaped holes that are at an angle?? i have no idea what it is so im having a problem looking it up.... ill delete this thread if yall let me know what it is :D lol
  16. help locating part

    5th Gen
    i need the front driver side radius rod. anyone know of a website? i cant find shit
  17. Help

    4th Gen
    the other day my brakes went out and i crashed into a lady head on and now ny front end is destroyed. Sooooo i need help finding any parts i can get so if anybody can help a brotha out it would be much apreciated!
  18. 5th gen SH rear passenger Caliper

    show me pictures and a price shipped to 46228 thank you.
  19. Any Ludes sitting around in Tennessee?

    3rd Gen
    I'm trying to find another lude in decent condition so i can just swap everything from mine into it. It would save me from having to fix the hinges on my driver door and getting all the dings out of it. It would help with my heated and smashed springs from the previous driver too haha :P Let...
  20. "What Part is This?" Thread

    4th Gen
    I was about to ask on a request thread why there isn't threads that is a request to know the part on a prelude so I decided to make one and I hope it works out to be helpful for others. I think it should be in each gen category to keep it organized or just in a all-in one section so its not just...