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  1. 1986 Prelude part out

    2nd Gen
    I know for sure that this is in the wrong place, I'm new around here. I picked up a '86 prelude the other day, it runs but has cooling issues and I bought it to learn to drive stick(I'm 15), then scrap it to clear the space. It has a clean interior and all of the exterior trim, but the paint is...
  2. WTB: Shift cables 3RD GEN

    Hey guys, I am looking for Clutch cables, or aka Shift cables..... please message me if youre parting out a 5 speed with both cables or have the parts on hand... Thanks
  3. 88-91 3g shell

    Dilemma resolved. DELETE ME!
  4. F/S 3rd Gen: White 91 Prelude Si Part Out

    Part Outs
    PRICES LOWERED, MAKE OFFERS Si Trunk (with spoiler) is going for $75 + shipping Si Bumper Cover is going for $35 + shipping OEM 91 Prelude Fog Lights (with bracket assembly) are going for $50 + shipping Turn Signal Switch is going for $25 + shipping I live in Durham, if...
  5. 3rd gen part out

    3rd Gen
    okay parting out the whole car trying to make as much money as i can out of it sellin all parts resonablly cheap the only thing im not saving is the body bc of it being pretty bad shape and crushed bc i ran it over with a 79 ford f350 -complete b20a5 65,789 miles dosent burn a drop of oil...
  6. F/S 4th Gen: 92 prelude full part out (Black exterior, black interior)

    Part Outs
    I have taken almost every part off my Honda Prelude. The exterior is black. I have for sale the following:prices are firm, plus shipping Driver Fender sold front bumper 25 rear bumper 25 headlights (projector retrofit, and OEM) tail lights 30 pair rear bumper lights 20 pair sunroof motor 10...
  7. 4th gen DOORS and DASH FOR SALE!!!!!!!

    Part Outs
    I have both doors and dash leftover from a part out I did. I need them gone asap! Each door comes with EVERYTHING except door switches and door speakers. If you have any questions, you can call or text me @ (910) 670-5988 or email me @ [email protected] I can email pics of the doors. I'm...
  8. F/S 4th Gen: 4th Gen Doors FOR SALE!!!

    I parted out my prelude and still have the doors, dash, side mirrors, and headlights. I am selling the doors for 200o.b.o.. Make an offer for the rest. I need these gone asap. (Trying to build the 240sx :wink3:) You can call/text/email me anytime. Buyer will be responsible for shipping if...
  9. F/S 5th Gen: REPOST! 5th Gen pearl white part out located 17543 or 02888

    Part Outs
    Hey everyone, been away for a while. Let the old thread die, sold a few things, still have a bunch so I'm starting another thread to refresh everything. Pretty much everything posted is everything I have left. Prices are w/o shipping and pp fee's (LPUO- Local Pick Up Only) 5 speed swap-...
  10. SomeWhat Huge 4th Gen Part Out (Everything Needs To Go)

    Part Outs
    ive got everything exterior wise no motor or tranny heres pics of the main things.. pm or text is fastest and best way to get answers (317-796-8269) new tail lights $65 + shipping Front Seats 150 + shipping center console $25 + shipping rear seats $50 + shipping and heres the things i...
  11. should i buy it????

    4th Gen
    so theres a guy here in indy that wants to sell his 96 lude great shape on the exterior, no rust!!!!!! no motor, tranny $500 you think i can part out enough to make money off of that? ive been looking at seat and stuff for sale but im just not gonna take the risk if it seems to high because...
  12. F/S 3rd Gen: Leftover parts(ECU, Steering wheel ect..)

    Part Outs
    Ive got some leftover parts after my h22 swap... All of this is off an 91 Si(b21a1/obd1) Fuel Rail Injectors-$60 Intake Manifold-$65 Throttle Body- $75 3g Shifter box- $25 Steering Wheel- $30 Pk3 ECU- $20 Stock b21a1 motor mounts- $40 Trans off a b21a1- $200 Blue Seats- /Front/ $100...