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  1. Honda paint codes

    Hey folks, new guy here. My first prelude is a 1990 4WS 3G, EUDM, so it has the b20a9 engine topping 140PS. I just picked it up and I am super stooooked! But nothing is perfect- at least not yet! Someone has hit the front bumper on it. Its an easy fix, but i will need to respray it. The...
  2. Help painting my lip kit

    5th Gen
    What's up guys, I finally found a wings west lip kit and I need to paint it. Problem is that my car is like a faded pearl white. I have to idea how to match that color to my lip. So do I just paint it and try to get it as close to possible or what? Thanks guy P.s Painting the entire car is not...
  3. Nice to see Preludes appreciated.

    My red 1991 Prelude Si has been such a champ but I guess I have to let her go, too many things going wrong after a little over 258,000 miles. Mainly had terrible repaint after T-boned by a bonehead years ago - now all rusty on that side. Interior is still nearly perfect and I still play...
  4. Potential Paint Scheme for my Prelude?

    3rd Gen
    Hello all! I've been a frequent visitor of P.P. for quite some time now and finally decided to make an account and get active. I figured I'd start by sharing my car and a little bit about what I'd like to see happen with it. I got this baby just under 2 years back, as my first car. I've put...
  5. 4th Gen_ EVILBIRD's slow 93 VTEC build/resto

    Before the resto Getting her out my dads garage after a few years sitting how the bay looks currently ...sorry bad pic but nothing special yet anyway I want to clean the bay up BIG time, remove PS, cruise, AC, battery relocate, wire tuck, and remove the ABS. Also want new wheels, dont...
  6. Shout out to all owners of an "S"

    3rd Gen
    For those of you that know, which I am sure is none, since I never told anyone. I took literally everything that would move off/out of my engine bay to do rust control and paint it. It took months. I've lost many many screws and bolts. The car has been sitting in weather this whole time...
  7. Help finding paint... carbon fiber hood

    5th Gen
    The previous owner of my car put a carbon fiber hood on it, but it's probably been years since then and the thing just looks like junk. I didn't care about wanting to paint it or make it match the body or anything, but I came across a hookup of sorts where if I just purchase the paint, I can get...
  8. My 87 Si and the stuff I do to it [Pics]

    2nd Gen
    Hey guys, My name's Thomas and I'm up in B.C. Canada. I've been on here for about a year but this is my first official post. Not sure why I never did post anything, I guess the search button does it's job well. I fell in love with this car last summer when I bought it. Since then I've put as...
  9. wheel color choices! poll inside!!!!

    5th Gen
    Ok so, I have a set of work emotion xd-9's that have seen better days. They arent really torn up, but they do have minor scratches and one has some decent rash on it. As of now they are matte bronze, which I like, but it seems to be a little too bandwagon-esque? Alot of cars out there have...
  10. I need input for a paint job!

    4th Gen
    I have a black 1994 lude but the paint is 2 different tones and needs painted ASAP. My previous 1993 lude (totaled) had a beautiful red and black 2-tone. I am on a mixed decision of blacking it out or going to my previous paint job. I already have black rims, tail light and head light covers and...
  11. lude got a fresh paint job!

    galaxy grey VvV im in love nite shading the tail lights and putting carbon fiber hood on tomorro :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  12. painting my lude....

    4th Gen
    my half red and half black car is due for its paint job im looking to get it painted a dark metallic gray[ish] like the silver on the new '09 civics so let me know what you think of that but before the paint get done i need to buy a new passenger quarter pannel it is rusted and has a giant dent...
  13. Crack in paint not a chip!

    Well I got my third gen. 4WS project car driving and when I waxed the car I noticed that the paint cracked like there is bondo thick on the roof and I think that my cousin befor he died had it painted by maco cause theres a lot of over spray and didn't fix any rust spots "RAGE" so do I have to...
  14. Paint job

    4th Gen
    Just got my front bumper done after a crash And i'm stessing on my 92 lude trying to figure out what color to paint it and where
  15. My Lude looks like new!

    5th Gen
    My Lude looks like new! (pix inside) ok, so yesterday I went to wash my car, and this guy approached me and offered to detail my car. Is aid no thanks. The rear left panel, trunk and spoiler started getting really dull and the paint instead of being white pearl, was more like yellow with little...