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oil leak

  1. Cut my losses or pour in more money? Looking for opinions

    5th Gen
    Hey there, new to the forum and new to owning a '97 5th Gen. Little background: I'm 20, college student (who commutes to school about 20-30 miles a day a few days a week), working full time to put myself through school. About a month ago I got ripped by a local car dealer. I was sharing a car...
  2. Oil leak passage side block

    5th Gen
    I bought a 98 prelude a few months ago. I noticed an oil leak that is dripping a couple drops of oil over night from the passenger side of the block, I have done my research and have changed my vtech solenoid gasket, cam cap seal (after market one) and my distributor o ring. My valve cover is...
  3. Oil leaking from back of engine

    5th Gen
    i have noticed that there is oil on the back of the engine block on my h22. is this the head gasket or could it be something else?
  4. Prelude Oil Leaks small no pools of oil burnt oil smell on highway

    5th Gen
    I have 2 spots where oil is slowly leaking. I believe 1 is from my Distributor cap O-ring. The other is underneath the car. I am not spilling oil on the driveway at all which leads me to believe it is not the Oil cooler o-ring. It doesn't leak if If I drive 35 mph for a few miles only...
  5. High-mileage '89 leaking oil, crankshaft worn, rebuild/replace?

    3rd Gen
    My '89 SI has 430,000 miles on it and still has great gas mileage (33.7 mpg). My body has some rust in the rear wheel wells but not bad. Suspension is good. AC is gone but I don't care about that. In general, like me, the car's got a lot of miles on it and I like it enough to put something...
  6. b20a burning oil?

    3rd Gen
    Is it normal for a b20a to burn oil? It may have a leak but not sufficient enough to be a big problem. Does anybody have this problem or have heard of a b20a burning oil?
  7. Engine troubles for an amature - any and all help is wonderful!

    5th Gen
    Okay, I'll try not to make this too long of a story. First and foremost, I want to preface saying that I have a verrrrry limited knowledge of vehicles - in fact this is my first time ever doing anything under the hood except staring and at the engine. With that in mind, any answers to this...
  8. distributor o ring replacement DIY, Pics!

    H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    This is a great write-up on fixing those pesky leaking distributors! Includes pics....
  9. How to: Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring

    H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    Alright here's the deal. I know that myself and a few others are having some oil leak issues. For myself, it is the oil cooler O-ring. To determine whether or not this may be your problem, jack up your car, start it up and get underneath. Use a flashlight to look up at the oil filter, and the...