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  1. 3rd Gen
    hello prelude community i am new to this group and new to prelude ownership. i bought a 3rd generation prelude a while back which i would now like to get aftermarket wheels for and need your expert opinions on. i am trying to get the best fitment possible with a 8 inch wide wheel. wheel diameter...
  2. Forced Induction
    Hey, new here. Im updating my stock map sensor to a 3 Bar Speedfactory Map sensor and cant find the Scalar and Offset values. Can anyone direct me to the values? Here is the link to the sensor. Thanks
  3. 4th Gen
    Firstly, I know similar threads exist but not quite the same as what I am trying to accomplish here. I have found myself in a predicament of being a novice when it comes to wheel fitment and have found buying used wheels for my 4th gen with the right fitment to be an absolute nightmare. I...
  4. Builds
    Hi, please forgive me for not knowing what low offset means, but I've heard it a lot but I have no idea what it means.
  5. Suspension/Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Found a great place to research how different aggressive wheel/tire setups will look. There's 914 setups on there now, and it lets you add your own so hopefully it will keep growing. There are a few familiar preludes on there, but hopefully it hasn't been posted already.
  6. 5th Gen
    Found this on the internets and figured with all the questions regarding offsets, it would be useful in searches. I also think it should be added to the sticky.
  7. Suspension/Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    K, I bought the parts for a 5lug conversion for my 4th gen lude, but now I dunno what specs I should get for wheels and tires. As of now my suspension is stock, but I plan on lowering it an inch or two. The wheel size I want is 17 but what width should I get for it and does it matter if i get...
1-7 of 7 Results