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  1. WTB OEM 5th Gen Intake Ass.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an entire 5th gen OEM intake assembly. Trying to get my car back to factory. I'm located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. PM me for any leads. Thank you in advance for any help. Andrew
  2. F/S 5th Gen: JDM Climate Control Swap Kit

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Complete swap kit for JDM Climate Control with everything needed to be installed (extra motor, harness, sensors). Please do research, not an easy swap, but can be done within a day. Free expedited priority shipping. No returns! EBAY AUCTION LISTING:
  3. Strut Replacement Advice

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, I'm new here. Looking for some info/advice regarding the replacement of all 4 stock struts on a 1998 base. I purchased KYB's as OE replacements, but I need some clarification on what additional parts I'll need. Here's what I have so far: - 4x KYB ExcelG struts (FR,FL,2xRear) - 2x...
  4. Back to stock height/ oem compatibility

    3rd Gen
    I have ground control coilovers on right now. I'm going to buy new shock absorbers from kyb, koni, dealer etc... And new bellows and strut mount bushings(where the coil spring meets the body) but I don't really want to Shell out $60 a coil to get those new if I don't need to. Coils are 15 a...
  5. WTB: 2000 SH Struts all around w/ mounts/bushings

    What's up, everyone. I've been absent for a long time...... Looking to see if anyone has OEM struts for sale. Hopefully without crazy amount of miles....... My car and struts are running 188k. My suspension is pretty much on its last leg, barely surviving. Have been looking at many parts...
  6. F/S 5th Gen: ap1 steering wheel fits base or sh 195shipped

    Interior/Audio & Security
    host image pm me a phone number and i can text you more pictures 7.10 condtions, few scratches here and there, cleans up good. Cheaper than the junk in ebay.
  7. F/S 5th Gen: 97 Prelude Part out, JDM, Spoon, Mugen, OEM

    Part Outs
    Hello, A list of my parts that need to be sold. All parts are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I can sometimes ship from Blaine, WA but I don't cross the border often. JDM BB6 Mugen Exhaust: $1400 SHIPPPED! JDM BB6 Door Sills: $300 JDM BB6 Door Visors: $300 JDM BB6 Type S...
  8. F/S 5th Gen: Honda Prelude 97-01 Black Interior front & rear OEM Cloth***CLEAN***

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Hi, Up for sale is a Complete Front & Rear OEM Stock Black Cloth Interior for the 5th Gen. 97-01 Honda Prelude. Includes both front seats with seat belt holders & both upper & lower rear seats. In Great condition with NO rips, tears or scratches! But do have driver side lower bolster wear from...
  9. Power Steering Reservoir

    3rd Gen
    Hey everyone. Sunday I was driving to a birthday dinner for a friend (who didn't even show up) and my serpentine belt randomly starting breaking apart. When it did that, it hit my power steering reservoir return hose and broke the hose and nipple righ off the reservoir. I think that the tank was...
  10. OEM Rims....I Think

    3rd Gen
    So here is my issue. I bought my 1989 Prelude SI and it came with what I thought were stock Saw Blade rims. I ended up loosing a center cap while driving down the highway and I've been searching for a replacement ever since. I've searched this forum and others for information and found a lot of...
  11. F/S 4th Gen: OEM Passenger Tail Light

    Selling a passenger tail light in great condition, just been sitting around collecting dust...thought it could go to someone who actually needs it lol $30 shipped
  12. WTB: Koni Yellow + OEM Suspension Parts 97 Honda Prelude BASE MODEL

    Hello, I'm looking for brand new or very low mileage/slightly used Koni Yellow shocks and a bunch of OEM parts in order to install them. This is all for my 1997 Honda Prelude BASE MODEL (NON-SH) !! :) I'm not 100% sure but I think I need the following OEM parts in order to install the Koni...
  13. F/S 5th Gen: Seibon OEM Carbon Fiber Hood

    SOLD... please close mods
  14. OFFICIAL Post Your Rare OEM & Aftermarket Parts Thread

    4th Gen
    I Truely Take Pride N Joy With Some Of The Rare Goodiez I Have For My Car, But I Wanna See Some Of The Stuff You Guys Got For The Prelude! :D Pictures Are Worth A Thousand WOrds! So Lets See Em' If You Got Em' :shock: VTEC model EL cluster with less then 100k miles on it :shock: JDM...
  15. F/S 5th Gen: OEM Bumper Bra

    Hello, Looks like I won't be needing these after all. I have two bumper bras. $100 obo for each. I honestly have no clue what these are worth, so shoot me a reasonable offer. Thanks Cheers Mike
  16. OEM Prelude Bumper/Hood Bra

    5th Gen
    Hello fellow PP members I am in need of some help. Here's the story. I recently got my whole car painted and I would like to take the precaution of protecting the paint as much as possible. I know that's some what difficult to do but I'll do whatever I can in order to help. Now, I purchased...
  17. F/S 5th Gen: OEM Prelude Blades With Yokohama Guardex 600 205/50/16

    Hello, I know Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner but Winter will be here before you know it. I know its early to post these but perhaps someone out there likes to be prepared. Since I got the car painted I'm not driving it in the winter so these wheels are useless to me. I...
  18. 4G US OE Optional Accessories

    4th Gen
    Unfortunately, so far this 1996 is the only year I have for this generation Prelude Optional accessories. I'll try to keep it updated if I get anything else. I do have these in their original paper form. This is the information available for this car from the Honda dealerships in the US in...
  19. 5G US OE Optional Accessories

    5th Gen
    You might notice this is specifically the 1997 accessory catalog, but I also have 1998 and 2000, they're just not scanned yet and I'm currently without a scanner. I can try to answer any questions regarding the same for those years in particular. I do have these in their original paper form...