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  1. 2005+ Acura RL

    3rd Gen
    I'm on my research about the legend calipers and this Acura rl shows up and say that most civic using them for upgrade but need a custom mount ... It's a 4 piston so I know this is a nice upgrade But there is that one part some of us can't do the modified bracket ... Does anyone try or...
  2. C30A 3.0 24V DOHC VTEC into prelude

    4th Gen
    Eh guys, im new here and really need help wit engine swapping. i wanna swap my old F22A engine into sumthing a lot faster wit higher power. i found out that C30A 3.0 24V DOHC VTEC PGM-FI 2977 [email protected] [email protected] '02 NSX is quite impressive. is it possible to fit into my 92 prelude. i...