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  1. Diagnosing Engine Noise

    3rd Gen
    I have two 3rd gen preludes: one runs, the other is missing a few parts. My plan was to rebuild one engine while I use the other as my DD, but the running engine has a noise that concerns me about driving it for very long. Being new to this, I'm looking for some help diagnosing the problem...
  2. 5th gen prelude rattling noise

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, wondering if someone here could help me with this one. So I have a 98 Prelude with the h22a4 and it makes an unidentified rattling noise right around 2500 rpm after it has fully warmed up. It also only does it under load, if your off the throttle coasting, it goes away. I was...
  3. Shock Knock Fix How-To / DIY

    Write ups & How tos
    This is a guide on how to fix the notorious clunking noise (Shock Knock) that is generated from the rear on 5th Gen Preludes. BACKGROUND: The clunking noise being addressed in this guide is caused by the shock collar found at the top of each rear shock assembly. It is commonly referred to as...
  4. Power steering belt squeal!

    3rd Gen
    It just never ends with this car...After work I go to my car as im pulling out of the parking lot I hear this brutal squealing noise as if my belt it slipping. Pulled over check tightness of both belts and there tight. I check power steering fluid level and its full...The noise only happens when...
  5. B20A5 Timing belt vibration

    3rd Gen
    I recently changed the timing belt on my 89 Lude, now when I rev the engine I can see the timing belt rattling back and forth causing my noise. Should I replace the tensioner as well or is there a trick to getting that little extra belt tension?
  6. Reverse whining sound? (not straight cut gear noise)

    5th Gen
    Okay everyone, just off the bat, I know that reverse is straight cut, and not helical so it produces a "whine." The sound I have been hearing is very different. The sound starts maybe the last couple seconds of me backing up, when I start to come OFF the gas. It can be really faint, or somewhat...
  7. Weird scratching noise??

    3rd Gen
    Recently my car has been making a weird scratching kinda noise but it only happens when going around a corner. For instance today i was going round a traffic circle and heard it. It sounds like it comes from the rear drivers side. I mean really theres nothing back there. Is it a possibility...
  8. weird noise coming from alternator or belts

    4th Gen
    ok so yesterday i noticed while parking that my prelude is making a weird ass noise when accelerating.i noticed on the low idles because my mufflers too loud to hear anything else,so anyway it sounds sort of like those remote control cars like an electrical noise its kinda hard to explain.well...