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  1. N/A Mild, Budget build with lots of torque

    4th Gen
    Hey guys Ill be turning 18 here this month, and I want to do a mild budget build on my h22a vtec euro-r which I have on a engine stand. I want to do it right and learn at the same time. I would like to build my torque up rather than horsepower. The bottom end is solid and clean. I want to do...
  2. It finally happened. Time to build.

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys. So I haven't posted on here for a while due to school and the Lude being in storage, but now that I'm finished it's time to get back into Luding. for those who don't know I own a 1990 Honda Prelude SR (I swapped in 4WS) with the B21a1. about 4/5 years ago in highschool I attempted to...
  3. making a N/A building list

    4th Gen
    alright so im pretty sure this question has been asked many times before and that i will get sh*t for asking it but i am gonna ask anyways. what should be done to obtain nice hp and will not require converting to race gas. ive done some reading on other post similar to this but no one really had...
  4. Somewhat Budget build N/A

    engine build finished in november. pics start on page 2 i think. mods list so far: clevite engine bearings crower forged econobillet h-beam rods mahle gold series, .010 oversize. 10 cc dome. bottom end balanced and lightened ~50g oem HG ferrea 5000 series flat faced valves supertech bronze...
  5. My n/a build * advice* please

    Naturally Aspirated
    im wanting to build my motor But i dont want to resleeve and all that crap lol. I just dont have the money for all of that. I been searching lately and i come up with a set up i think is good for me.But, i would like some opinions on this. custom header skunk2 cam gears ( have Skunk 2 cams ...