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  1. Mugen Twinloop Exhaust

    5th Gen
    Hello, I am new to the forum and the owner of a 1999 Honda Prelude Type SH. I am currently looking to rebuild my stock car with aftermarket upgrades. I have read through the forums and have decided to go with the Mugen Twinloop exhaust (I like the subtle sound of the exhaust). However, when I...
  2. WTB: WTB: A LOT OF PARTS! JDM, Spoon, Mugen, OEM

    Hello, I'm looking for a lot of 4th gen and some 5th gen parts. Willing to pay top dollar for mint-near mint condition parts. 5th gen JDM door sills 5th gen JDM Mugen exhaust (100% JDM perfer but altered after King motorsports will be acceptable) 4th gen JDM yellow foglights with everything...
  3. WTB: 5th Gen BB6 MUGEN Flush Mount Spoiler with the LED brake light

    Looking for a 5th Gen BB6 Mugen Flush Mount Spoiler with the LED brake light. If anyone have come across one of those - let me know. Thanks.
  4. F/S 5th Gen: 97 Prelude Part out, JDM, Spoon, Mugen, OEM

    Part Outs
    Hello, A list of my parts that need to be sold. All parts are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I can sometimes ship from Blaine, WA but I don't cross the border often. JDM BB6 Mugen Exhaust: $1400 SHIPPPED! JDM BB6 Door Sills: $300 JDM BB6 Door Visors: $300 JDM BB6 Type S...
  5. Search original spoiler Mugen

    5th Gen
    Hi! I'm from Russia Khabarovsk. Seeking original spoiler Mugen! Please help me find! ) Thank you! )
  6. 2x3G

    3rd Gen
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything. Im new here so what do you expect haha Alright well to start off ive been looking for a third gen lude for a while now to tear apart and muck around with, I have finally found what I wanted. Two 1988 3G preludes one a Mugen originally for...
  7. WTB: BB6 Mugen Prelude Poster

    Hi, I know this is a huge long shot as this poster probably doesn't exist anymore but maybe someone has one that doesn't really care for it anymore. I've been looking for this poster for many years and I cannot seem to find one. I found two people who are selling but communication is not the...
  8. 5th Gen_ Swag's Daily Driver 2011/2012 (pics)(prog)

    So this 2000 prelude is my first car. Ever! I know I'm a fairly new member so bear with me here guys. Hope I can be a contribution to the lude Community! (day i bought it) Specs: -220xxx km on the og motor -manual -silver -N/A h22a -bought it completely stock -body does have cosmetic damage...
  9. F/S: MUGEN GP 18" wheels

    Authentic 18" MUGEN GP Alloy Wheel Kit ONLY weigh 16.5 pounds each! Brand new, the box was only opened for inspection. These are from the new Mugen Civic. Specifications: Rim Size 18x7.5J, Offset 48, Bolt Pattern 5x114.3, Weight 16.5 lbs each, gunmetal finish. (Stock 16x6.5 blades are 19lbs...
  10. F/S 5th Gen: VIS "Mugen" Rears (SMR), AEM CAI (blue)