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  1. power mirror switch.

    3rd Gen
    Hello ! I have a 1989 rhd Prelude Ba4. Had it for almost a year now. When I bought it it was missing the trim along the body and had some really cheesy aftermarket side mirrors. the trim has been impossible to find and the mirrors (used from junkyard) in Sweden cost at least 30bucks each plus...
  2. new right mirror and blinker, thanks to danbrick

    3rd Gen
    so the mirror that was in the mirror housing was the wrong size, and the FR blinker was busted. and danbrick was so awesome enough to send me replacements. Before After thanks again to danbrick for sending them to me. and my buddy will for helping me put them on without breaking...
  3. Will 5 Gen Folding Mirror Convert to 4 Gen

    4th Gen
    Does anybody know if you can take the 5th Gen JDM folding mirror (inners) and use them on a 4th Gen and is the mirror switch wiring plug on a 5th gen the same as the 4th gen? I am asking because all of folding mirror switches I have found for a 4th gen look very, very used. Side note, does...
  4. JDM Mirror Issues

    4th Gen
    Here's the deal, I've got my mirrors wired up "how they should be". I figured I'd run into problems because the relay I got has 5 wires and the Prelude one is supposed to have 7. Well I got it wired up with the 5 wire/pin relay and the switch. Now to the problem: when I hit the button to make...