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  1. General
    See attached! Please share. Looking to make this a big event with awards and Potluck style bbq I know some of you guys don't have Facebook or other social media so I figured to be fair and post on all platforms. Thank you, Respectfully, @mannymotta aka Manuel.
  2. MidWest
    Who will be there ! hotsauce- possibility ( 95 % ill be there) rocking a red lude with a red preludepower sticker.
  3. Prelude Meets
    Hi this is may sound new to people live here in Hawaii. But since the old HPOC gone there is no/way for Prelude owner/driver to gather or have a group cruise and meet. So now here is what we get from asking to all prelude owner. HAWAII LUDERS CLUB We planing to make a End of the Year 2012...
  4. NorthWest
    I've driven a few times through Yellowstone Park in my car and i was thinking I'd give it a shot at trying to set up a meet there. Let me know what you guys think about this. Beautiful cars need to be driven in beautiful places!
  5. General
    i just moved to miami and need some honda meets
  6. Prelude Meets
    This meet is on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. The meet is set for June 30th, which is a Thursday. Time is still TBA. Planning on a small photo shoot on Tantalus Drive. Post if you would like to join or if ur interested in learning more about our club can post here or send me a pm. Hope to hear...
  7. NorthEast
    :)Hey guys im Marvin and im new to this place still trying to figure out most of the things. I like this place though a lot of cool people and smart people are on here. I was wondering if there are enough people in Norther Va maybe a club or maybe we could meet up once a month or something of...
  8. Showroom
    I saw a lot of you guys taking photos and figured I would go ahead and make a good little spot for them to all come's what I got...
  9. NorthWest
    Okay so I have decided i want to plan a meet for Spring time next year. Things to be decided: 1.Were to meet? (Eugene, Portland?) 2.What should we do for food? (BBQ, Pizza, Other restaurant) 3.Where to cruise to on the coast? (Somewhere good for photos) 4.Something i know ive forgotten. This...
  10. Photo Gallery
    It all started with on the way there vtecccccccc the end lol
  11. Prelude Meets
    INFO FOR UP COMING MEET IN JANUARY TO COINCIDE WITH CUPCAKE MEET ON PAGE 9 POST 216 pictures on page 6,7,8 final update:THE ATTENDANCE LOOKS TO BE RECORD BREAKING FOR ME !!!!! be sure to drive safe everyone! start time:2pm! (if everyone arrives early we can leave earlier then have more time at...
  12. Prelude Meets
    hey im having a meet in Gastonia, NC on August 7th 3pm - until you leave. it is at Martha Rivers Park. there is 4soccer fields, 4 baseball fields, beach volleyball court, picnic tables, grills, and big parking lot. there is plenty of space to just mess around. the address is 1515...
  13. Prelude Meets
    a meet thats not just ludes but HONDAs you guys prob. think its a stupid idea bc a ton of civics will show up but oh well i really wanna do this in the downtown indy area.....idk random feeling i had lol
1-13 of 13 Results