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  1. 3rd Gen
    Are there any upgrades available for our cars in terms of MCs and Brake Boosters? 4th and 5th gen Prelude's boosters fit, right? Do their MCs fit on our boosters? I was hoping that the 3rd gen booster would be wimpy compared to theirs, and that I could use a 4th gen MC on our brake booster. Does...
  2. 3rd Gen
    Brake Master Pump Service Kit Compatibility Hye All Luders.... :wave: I want to ask whether the 3rd Gen brake master pump service kit same as other Honda model such as accord.. THanks...
  3. 5th Gen
    Just got my car back from the shop today. The clutch was gone, so the shop replaced the clutch master & slave cylinders, bled it out, and it was good. When I went to pick it up, it was great. They said there was still a bit more air to work itself out of the lines, but it would do that by...
  4. 4th Gen
    driving down the street i noticed my brakes were really soft. well yeasterday i get a new master cylnder and out it in, bled all the brake and now my brakes are even softer! ideas on what this is?
  5. 5th Gen
    Tools: 12mm socket and attachment 10mm open end wrench A Small amount of grease Cost: 19.95 (new cylinder) 4.88 32oz bottle dot 3 brake fluid (advanced auto) People: 2 First take off the line off the top on the M/C with 10mm wrench. Second unscrew 2 12mm bolts off bottom of M/C Apply a...
1-5 of 5 Results