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  1. new guy with a 93 lude :)

    hello, i have a 93 prelude vtec, i recently blew the motor :( but i bought a new one a few days ago, im going from a h22a to a f20b :D
  2. B20A5 Timing belt vibration

    3rd Gen
    I recently changed the timing belt on my 89 Lude, now when I rev the engine I can see the timing belt rattling back and forth causing my noise. Should I replace the tensioner as well or is there a trick to getting that little extra belt tension?
  3. Can anyone help me out?

    4th Gen
    I need ONE passenger front Z3 fender for a 94 Prelude. Does anyone have an extra in descent condition that they're willing to get rid of? please let me know and thanks in advance.
  4. painting my lude....

    4th Gen
    my half red and half black car is due for its paint job im looking to get it painted a dark metallic gray[ish] like the silver on the new '09 civics so let me know what you think of that but before the paint get done i need to buy a new passenger quarter pannel it is rusted and has a giant dent...
  5. my ludes photo shoot.

    Photo Gallery
    ill post the rest later today these arent all, i have some pretty good shots that i took. i have about 30 more pics :D so check back tomorrow~~~!!!! okay round 2 i the next 3 pics i snuck in a place to get pics, cars arent aloud back there lol...