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  1. Question about lowering my Lude!

    4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude Si 2.2l VTEC, I want to lower it. I dont want to lower it a lot though, i was thinking like 1.3 both front and back with H&R Springs. But i also want a new set of wheels and tires. If i bought 17x7.5 or 17x8, could i still lower my Lude' without any problems like rubbing or...
  2. cheap? or Deal? (lowering springs)

    3rd Gen
    hey guys so i found these lowering springs that this guy is selling near me, and he's only asking 100$!! just wondering if they're cheap, or if its a good find on my part...
  3. 86 honda prelude si lowering questions!!!!

    2nd Gen
    wassup guys im new to this forum thing and i was wondering what lowering springs or coilovers would fit on an 86 prelude. ive looked every where and i cant find anything. is there another honda that i could buy springs for and mayb have to do minor modifications to get them to fit my lude?? i...
  4. F/S 3rd Gen: 90-91 Tokiko/H&R suspension (Used)

    Letting go of my Tokiko blues with H&R lowering springs off my 91. Figured they could help someone out on the forum looking to lower their car. I have no use for them now that I have my K-sports. 50.00 plus shipping from 93035. Or if you are close enough come get them. I estimate they have about...
  5. F/S 3rd Gen: H&R Race lowering springs

    SOLD Got these just recently, barely been used for roughly 5k miles. Leaves an AWESOME dropped look, no kidding! Ask anyone else with these springs, they leave the sickest drop on these 3GP's, and I'm only riding 15" wheels. Come in original box with original paperwork & stickers and such. The...
  6. kyb/bomz racing problem today

    i went to put in my new suspension and didnt really get a giant lower from my front coilovers my rear looks slammed but my front is just a little lower than stock... any one else get this problem?
  7. prelude lowering

    3rd Gen
    i have a 89 lude i want to lower it how much should i lower it if its going to be just a daily driver lowering to look good and also what should i use coilovers or etc
  8. 205/50/16 on H&R sports

    3rd Gen
    i already searched but didnt find the specfic info i needed... my prelude originaly had 205/40/16 tires on the front and 205/45/16 on the rear. i installed 2" drop springs for an integra, on my 88 prelude....bad idea. After i installed the front springs, the tiny front tires were tucked. It...
  9. lowering spring question?

    3rd Gen
    hey. i have these 2" lowering springs for a 94-01 integra, i was wondering if they will work for my 88 prelude si. if these springs wont work, are there any other type of honda models aftermarket lowering spring that will work for my prelude... The reason i ask is because i see used skunk2...
  10. cut springs=lowered prelude...right

    3rd Gen
    ive really like the way my 88 prelude si looks, but it seems a little too jacked up. the suspension is totally stock, and i dont like it. could i cut the stock springs and get a decent drop out of it. i dont really mind if it rides rough. also the car has 215/35/18s on it, how much drop do...