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  1. Dashboard lights and low lights went out

    5th Gen
    I have a 2001 Honda Prelude as I was coming off the highway a hit a pot hole on the left front wheel (my car is low) which sounded bad. A few seconds later my dashboard lights went out including the ones the control the A/C. When i got home and tried to turn on the lowest beam option the first...
  2. Cluster Needle color when changing to LED's

    5th Gen
    I really like the look of the white cluster: and am thinking about doing it, but will the needle color stay red? I want to make the needle distinguishly red and the numbers white, is there anything extra i need to do, or will the...
  3. Gauge cluster lighting/electrical issue. Help plz.

    5th Gen
    The lights behind my guage cluster dont come on when i turn on my headlights. checked all fuses. tail light one was blew. replaced tail lights work now guage lights dont. pulled the cluster off all four bulbs were blew somehow? replaced all of them and still nothing. pulled the connecter off the...
  4. F/S 5th Gen: Depo Black housing Headlamp (Driver side only)

    Hey guys I have a depo headlamp for sale. Its been used for about a year but it still looks new. It has perfect fitment. It still has all its tabs intact and some very very minor scratches on the surface (which can be polished off). Its for the drivers side only since the passenger side has been...
  5. Does anyone Own these Headlights

    4th Gen
    I had recently purchased these headlight from ebay and i tried to connect my hid bulbs but the configuration on the new lights have a smaller bulb. If you can shed some light on this situation id appreciate i've already emailed the person i bought these from...
  6. Car wont Start?

    5th Gen
    well, randomly ran into this problem... not sure what it is ... maybe a dead batt. but anyones help is appreciated and repped. def not what i need after buying books for school.:cries: here is the same problem...
  7. dash blanks

    4th Gen
    on my dash under my temp/fuel gauges there is 5 blanks.... i got an idea on what i want to do with those but idk want to copy has anyone made the blanks say LUDE and light up when the cars on? thats my take! lol
  8. WRITE-UP: Footwell courtesy lights

    Write ups & How tos
    Procedure updated. See page two for a new, easier method to do this mod. ** Had this kicking around PO, maybe it'll help someone here as well. ** I’ve been meaning to install foot well courtesy lights for a while. I don’t understand why the prelude never had them as they are a pretty...
  9. Fog lights

    4th Gen
    I really want some new yellow fog lights for my lude, but i don't know where i can purchase some good quality crispy :butbut:Fog lights:butbut: Help anyone. I went to but they're only selling used ones for a Rape price:rolleyes2:
  10. rally lights

    2nd Gen
    Morning. I have acquired an old school 2nd gen Prelude that I have brought back to life after it was left sitting outside for a year and a half. We have done some body work to it, as well as fixed up much of the suspension and exhaust system. The plan is to participate in some small time...