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  1. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys So I love my new lude but I would much prefer white tail lights over the orange ones. Is there any way to whiten it (just painted from the inside for example) or is the housing orange itself? Tried to look for white ones with ebay but no luck.
  2. 3rd Gen
    Hey folks, I picked up my 3rd gen prelude on sunday (started a build thread on here, maybe you've seen it?) Anyway, the ALB light is on on the dash, what could be causing this? I'm not used to Hondas so any info would be great :D Cheers
  3. 3rd Gen
    Can't find anything on my exact problem so here goes. My AC has not worked since I got the car. We have been to a few mechanics and no one has been able to fix it. When I push the AC button the green light comes on and about 3 seconds later a little red light comes on next to the letters AC...
  4. 4th Gen
    Does anyone on here know how to mod the fog lights to turn on/off whenever you want without the headlights being on ? Also does anyone know how to do the Dual Filament mod for the front bumper lights on a 4th gen ? Thanks in advanced.
  5. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I'm in need of this lens to get my lude inspected soon. The scumbag salvage yards have nothing where I am, and to order one they want $85 plus. Hoping someone here could help me out... Thanks in advance.
  6. 5th Gen
    So It's winter here in Alberta, and it hasn't been too cold, but one day I took the car out for some fun, and I had been running it for about 5 minutes without opening up on it (so I'd say it wasn't hot yet, but not cold). I finally started givin' er' and I hit the engine cut off at 6500, and...
  7. 5th Gen
    *WARNING* Just like finding the penguin in the fridge that shuts off your light, this is dangerous and requires proper tools. For this critical task we need a jewelry box and a small LED panel. I keep all my faggotry in one of these. It also comes in handy in holding an LED panel. But...
  8. 3rd Gen
    Dear, I want to tell you a tale of hardship and invalid google searches. I have gone through two batteries. I have gone through fuses. I have spent HOURS trying to fix my brake light problem. I found the solution. A solution that needs to be stickied. I will link you a thread from...
  9. Exterior/Styling
    Its cheap because of the crack Uploaded with 5+ shipping let me know if you are interested.
  10. 5th Gen
    I recently bought a salvaged prelude its all fixed and ready to go through a salvage exam except that the srs light is on. I need it to be fixed fast. Can anyone please tell me how I can fix it.
  11. Exterior/Styling
    Delete sold!
  12. Exterior/Styling
    I have some brand new h1 high output light bulbs 80/100 watt.They give off some a bright white/bluish output. well if anyone wants pics let me know. i am selling them for 15shipped/all around the U.S I have some on my tercel & this is the difference between stock.This pic sucks...
  13. 3rd Gen
    Ok, I have had an ALB light coming on for so long that I blew the bulb in the gauge cluster. My brake computer appears to be working correctly, although i still need to continue checking into it, have to wait as it got dark on me. Well after doing some searching on here, and reading the online...
1-13 of 13 Results