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  1. 91 b21a1 ALB A/T limp mode can't find problem

    3rd Gen
    So everything was fine up until I tried to pass someone and I floored it. My car did nothing just reved all the way up and wouldn't shift until I let off the gas. But the car was still fully drivable just a little sluggish. I figured it was trans fluid. Checked it and it was fine. Then after a...
  2. jdm H22A problems... help please?

    hello all, first ill introduce you to my wife's car.. we have an 01 prelude called "prepre." we have a usdm auto prelude with a jdm h22a 5 spd conversion. jdm ecu. non-atts lsd trans. (truly a bad ass car.) long story short we had issues with the crank on the h22a4. so i swapped this baby into...