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knock sensor

  1. Knock Sensor bypass and CA smog visual inspection

    5th Gen
    I have an SH so it will be a PITA to replace my knock sensor (have to remove ATTS or IM, unlike base), which throws CEL every 200 miles or so. As is I can pass smog inspection because it comes on far after the OBDII checks are ready. I was thinking to bypass similar to these guides which cut a...
  2. 1997 Base, P0325, Knock Sensor

    5th Gen
    CEL P0325 These two posts are up on another Prelude Forum with no responses. Hoping someone here can help... Hey all. I have a 97 Base with 137K on the odometer. I have had the car for a year and a half...
  3. name that sensor!!!

    5th Gen
    sorry for shit quality pic - but i need to know this sensor before i stick the motor back in - this is on my h22a4 - the one on the h22a was broken (courtesy of tigerjapanese and or yellow shipping) so all i need to do is swap them... i hope but its on the back center of the block just above...