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  1. Type SH model with H23A engine

    5th Gen
    Hey guys I am new to this forum and Preludes as well. So here goes my little story/question. I had bought a 01 Prelude type SH a while ago which had the stock usdm motor (h22a4). It had taken a shit and I had gotten swapped an h23a (blue top). Trying to get bolt-ons or parts in general. When...
  2. ECU Guidance using a JDM ECU on a USDM H22A4

    ECU Tuning
    New here and have been reading everything on ECUs and tuning, but it hasn't helped. My searches have not shown me any answers. I bought the car w/o knowing the ECU was changed from the stock P5M-A52 to a JDM P5p-003. The engine is a Vtec H22A4, and I'm not sure about any modifications. Of...
  3. F/S 5th Gen: JDM Climate Control Swap Kit

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Complete swap kit for JDM Climate Control with everything needed to be installed (extra motor, harness, sensors). Please do research, not an easy swap, but can be done within a day. Free expedited priority shipping. No returns! EBAY AUCTION LISTING:
  4. WTB: WTB: A LOT OF PARTS! JDM, Spoon, Mugen, OEM

    Hello, I'm looking for a lot of 4th gen and some 5th gen parts. Willing to pay top dollar for mint-near mint condition parts. 5th gen JDM door sills 5th gen JDM Mugen exhaust (100% JDM perfer but altered after King motorsports will be acceptable) 4th gen JDM yellow foglights with everything...
  5. Type S Front End, Spoiler

    5th Gen
    Hi everyone, I have the option to purchase a Type S Front End & Dash, & want to get everyone's opinion. Feel free to let me know what price would be good, as I have pictures of everything except for the power folding mirrors, but that's pretty self explanatory. My local JDM store has had this...
  6. F'n New Guy Here

    Hi everyone, I'm new to all prelude forums & am registering today. Hope people are cool with me showing up late to the party! I am very slowly doing mods, but I'll be in the prelude game for the long haul. 1999 Pearl White H22A4 AT Completely stock engine for now. Just installed: Type S...
  7. Whats up PP!?!?!

    Hey everybody my names Stephin/Seven and im from Los Angeles, CA . I own a 1998 US BB6 BASE (5th gen so everyone knows haha) that I purchased roughly 3 years ago after wanting to get my hands on one for about 8 years (im 26 btw). Ive loved Preludes since the first time I saw one in highschool...
  8. I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!Bogging

    3rd Gen
    Okay so i got an f20b in my prelude running the stock obd2b pcb004 ecu. i hooked up all the wires up correctly but when i turn on the car the engine turns over and stays on for like 5 seconds then starts bogging out and turns off. if you turn on the car and rev it it automaticly bogs and dies. i...
  9. F/S 5th Gen: 97 Prelude Part out, JDM, Spoon, Mugen, OEM

    Part Outs
    Hello, A list of my parts that need to be sold. All parts are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I can sometimes ship from Blaine, WA but I don't cross the border often. JDM BB6 Mugen Exhaust: $1400 SHIPPPED! JDM BB6 Door Sills: $300 JDM BB6 Door Visors: $300 JDM BB6 Type S...
  10. JDM Distributor off H23A VTEC Motor

  11. F/S 5th Gen: JDM seat covers; black/red (super rare accessory)

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Up for sale are my JDM seat covers. In the 6 years ive had Preludes I only saw a complete set for sale once. In my opinion its the rarest accessory to find in good condition. In terms of condition I would put them at 7/10 which is the same as when I got them. There is a bit of sunfade...
  12. Moving on to better things

    5th Gen
    I've had this thing for a few weeks now. It's a 2010 C350 Sport. Unfortunately it was time for something more reliable and in better condition. Last October the balance shaft seal blew out on my Prelude at highway speed. It emptied all the oil within seconds and destroyed my cylinder...
  13. B20 Swap clutch question.

    3rd Gen
    I have a JDM B20A and just had to order a JDM B20A Transmission for 88-91 (they didn't specify 88-89 or 90-91) I need to find out what clutch I need to get. theyre Japanese so do I get a Japanese specific clutch or am I fine getting any clutch kit that auto zone says fits the 2.0?
  14. WTB: JDM BB6 Black/Red Stitching REAR Seats

    Hello, Looking for JDM BB6 Prelude black with red stitching REAR seats. Must be in excellent-mint condition. If I remember correctly, the JDM BB6 Type S Prelude came with all black Leather on the outside and suede (alcantara?) on the inside with red stitching. Looks like this: Let me...
  15. New here.. Looking for a locobanana honda prelude lip

    I really want a locobanana lip jdm or a replica. Any leads on where to go.. i think its the best lip for a bb1/bb4
  16. Vancouver Prelude Meet

    A few members of VPC (VancouverPreludeClub) are planning a couple meets this Summer. They recently had one over the Canadian long weekend and they had such a blast that they are doing it again! Sometime in the middle of June and possibly in July as well. Check out follow thread for more...
  17. My fully JDM 95 prelude vtec

    I just wanted to share this beautiful car with everyone before i sell it. I wish i didn't have to so i could rescue it .
  18. Possible Electrical Fault

    4th Gen
    Hey everyone So I was driving my 1991 (JDM) Prelude home from a weekend away and when I hit the motorway my dash went a bit crazy. The speedo dropped to zero, the sports light started flashing and the check engine light came on. The cruise control may have also disengaged but I'm not 100%...
  19. A Few Meet & AutoX Videos

    Car Related
    Japanese Classic Car & Bike Show with their first AutoX The auto cross was on Saturday but the show was on Sunday. A local VW club held their annual Spring meet at the same location a little later on in the day.
  20. F/S: 92-01 Honda Prelude H22 oil pump H22A engine JDM OEM Honda 15100-P13-010

    Sold please close Sold please close