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jdm fogs

  1. Informative: Wiring schematic for JDM/USDM fogs with HIDs and JDM switch

    5th Gen
    I made this for someone but I figured it would be useful for anyone else out there. These should also be helpful in using a USDM switch or a replica switch:
  2. ::DIY:: JDM fog light retro fit

    5th Gen
    so i pondered this idea a while back, and shimee PM'd me the other day and asked if i wanted to buy some of the tiny projectors he had, so i picked em up from him, and he showed me how to do it, and since theres no write up on it i thought i might do one in case anyone thinks they might want to...
  3. question for luders with jdm fogs

    5th Gen
    im in the process of piecing together my genuine jdm fogs and cant figure out if there's a part i need. i only have the housings right now and am in the process of ordering H3C bulbs, harnesses, etc. my question is, is there some sort of a socket that the bulbs are set in that then connects to...