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  1. General
    Car came with this white type r seat on the drivers side. Curious as to what it's out of?
  2. 5th Gen
    My whole inside of the car has condensation leak, and my carpets are soaked, I don't know where it is coming from.
  3. Interior
    Hello again ! So I have an issue with the audio system of my prelude II 1.8 EX. First of all I use a stock BLAUPUNKT SQM23 BOSTON car radio and it works fine (I guess), it can play cassettes and that's all I ask of it. However, the audio quality is very bad, it sounds like the speakers in my car...
  4. 5th Gen
    Hey folks, I've been bumping my head against the wall for a while now. Browsed many forums, googled repeatedly, and I'm still not sure, what the solution to the problem can be. Here's the problem. My ceiling light won't come up when I open the door. My assembly has three positions of the...
  5. Wanted
    Hey guys, I'm trying to find the interior piece that surrounds the handbrake, with the red seatbelt warnings, preferably in grey plastic. I know it's a US option, so I don't mind paying to have it shipped over here to Australia.
  6. Interior/Audio & Security
    For sale, tan clock with cover. $35.00 +shipping via pay pal
  7. Interior/Audio & Security
    Hi, Up for sale is a Complete Front & Rear OEM Stock Black Cloth Interior for the 5th Gen. 97-01 Honda Prelude. Includes both front seats with seat belt holders & both upper & lower rear seats. In Great condition with NO rips, tears or scratches! But do have driver side lower bolster wear from...
  8. Interior/Audio & Security
    Manual cluster with 158k asking 50+shipping. Uploaded with
  9. Part Outs
    I have all these parts and they're all priced in the pics, but now everything is BEST OFFER. For the aftermarket stuff I really don't know if I want to sell them, but if the price is right I will. I'd prefer texts over PM's: 812-340-9461 -Ryan SOLDS: weather stripping VTEC speaker cover...
  10. Interior/Audio & Security
    I've got full interior set from a '91 prelude that I'm selling. All pieces are in great shape, standard black cloth interior with no tears or rips or stains. I have the following and all for pickup in NOVA. Both original front seats Front door panels with switches Rear seat pads I may also...
  11. 4th Gen
    I am interested and looking to put new speakers in the door of my 95 Prelude. I am looking toward the infinity kappa perfect component set. Does anyone have any ideas on a better set or equal within reason.
  12. Interior
    I took the time to suede all my interior panels. Need to redo the upper door panels (they're a pita lol) but other then that i'm super stoked. Not installed yet. Will post pix asap UPDATED. Installed. Eventually I will be doing blue carpeting and black cloth interior. For...
  13. Write ups & How tos
    No this isn't a write-up on how to remove one screw, undo two plugs, and drop $50 on something that I did for under five. If you thought otherwise, I KEEL YUO! Start by finding a 2000-2003 Acura TL in a junkyard. Theyre not common but not as rare as a Prelude. Grab the interior door handle...
  14. 5th Gen
    I have a 1997 JDM imported 5th gen 2.2vti and I am looking to replace the trim panel that surrounds the gear shift and hand brake with the walnut effect one that was available as an extra on some of the UK models. I believe it fits directly over the black plastic one that’s in there now. Can...
  15. Part Outs
    I have taken almost every part off my Honda Prelude. The exterior is black. I have for sale the following:prices are firm, plus shipping Driver Fender sold front bumper 25 rear bumper 25 headlights (projector retrofit, and OEM) tail lights 30 pair rear bumper lights 20 pair sunroof motor 10...
  16. 5th Gen
    I was curious if any of you all have removed the interior carpet and replaced it with a non-OEM cover. Such as a vinyl or what have you. Some material that was not molded for the vehicle. I want to do this in the coming up months. The 2 shops around here were kinda A-Holes when I inquired about...
  17. Part Outs
    ive got everything exterior wise no motor or tranny heres pics of the main things.. pm or text is fastest and best way to get answers (317-796-8269) new tail lights $65 + shipping Front Seats 150 + shipping center console $25 + shipping rear seats $50 + shipping and heres the things i...
  18. Interior/Audio & Security
    This is a rear seat only from the JDM Type-S. Seats are leather and suede with red stitching. These are in mint condition. SOLD Price is $425 plus shipping (approx. $50) Trades considered: Type-S front lip, EuroR intake manifold, hytech replica header (all of the above with cash going my way)...
  19. 5th Gen
    I'm new to the site, and a huge fan. Real useful information. I searched and searched, if this is already covered, I am sorry. Can anyone tell me how many cigarette lighter/power ports came factory in a 1999 Type Sh? I am flying to LA tomorrow to buy my first Honda, and driving it back to...
1-19 of 23 Results