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  1. 2nd Gen
    I have an 86 DX and I need a new brake caliper and rotor for the left rear side and theres a 1st gen integra at a junk yard near me that still has all sides intact. I've read a bunch of posts about people interchanging the front brakes (which I've been considering doing) but I'm wondering if...
  2. 3rd Gen
    I'm sorry I skeemed through the threads real quick and searched in the page and couldn't find anything. I'm sick of having a busted driver taillight and cant find a half good cheap one. Despirate measures to making it look pro or as close to the real deal. So do you know of any other tail lights...
  3. Interior/Audio & Security
    I will post pictures later today or first thing tomorrow. 2 Black Front passenger and driver seats for sale. Driver seat does not have any rips or tears at all, 8/9/ out of 10 passenger has a rip in the cushion part where the stitching goes so it has to be re stitched and 1 small cut that is...
  4. Forced Induction
    (Not a prelude) I recently purchased an Integra LS and ran into a guy selling these following items from his old build, which he recently updated to more boost and a better build. Turbo Setup: Turbonetics Evolution 38mm wasetgate Blitz DD Bov CX Racing cast log manifold PWR half...
  5. 2nd Gen
    So I went on his profile to ask him what kind of bumper he got on his lude, but he hasn't been on the forums for a while now. Can someone tell me what kind of front bumper this is and is that an 86 Integra lip?
  6. Car Related
    My buddy has a similar set up on his integra. Its stoopid fast lol. anyways i was searching similar builds on his car and found this. Last year i saw the car in a magazine but this is the first video of it that i have seen...
1-6 of 6 Results