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  1. taillight lens replacements? Acura Integra?

    3rd Gen
    I'm sorry I skeemed through the threads real quick and searched in the page and couldn't find anything. I'm sick of having a busted driver taillight and cant find a half good cheap one. Despirate measures to making it look pro or as close to the real deal. So do you know of any other tail lights...
  2. F/S: 2 Integra GSR Leather Seats $200+shipping

    Interior/Audio & Security
    I will post pictures later today or first thing tomorrow. 2 Black Front passenger and driver seats for sale. Driver seat does not have any rips or tears at all, 8/9/ out of 10 passenger has a rip in the cushion part where the stitching goes so it has to be re stitched and 1 small cut that is...
  3. Hotsauce needs boost help for my new project

    Forced Induction
    (Not a prelude) I recently purchased an Integra LS and ran into a guy selling these following items from his old build, which he recently updated to more boost and a better build. Turbo Setup: Turbonetics Evolution 38mm wasetgate Blitz DD Bov CX Racing cast log manifold PWR half...
  4. down hill dog's front bumper lude

    2nd Gen
    So I went on his profile to ask him what kind of bumper he got on his lude, but he hasn't been on the forums for a while now. Can someone tell me what kind of front bumper this is and is that an 86 Integra lip?
  5. 12second all motor b20vtec integra

    Car Related
    My buddy has a similar set up on his integra. Its stoopid fast lol. anyways i was searching similar builds on his car and found this. Last year i saw the car in a magazine but this is the first video of it that i have seen...