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  1. WTB OEM 5th Gen Intake Ass.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an entire 5th gen OEM intake assembly. Trying to get my car back to factory. I'm located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. PM me for any leads. Thank you in advance for any help. Andrew
  2. AEM V2 Intake **SOLD****SOLD**

    Hello i have a AEM V2 Dual-Chambered intake for sale. It’s Heat-Reflective wrapped, and has a new and bigger K&N Filter on it. Wrap has no wrinkles and filter has a couple months of driving on it. Selling for $180 shipped with paypal anywhere in the U.S. or $140 local in cash. I am located in...
  3. Fast Idle Problem

    2nd Gen
    My 87 2.0 SI has an idle speed problem. It can be a little difficult to start, but once it does, it idles around 2500. Once heated up, that idle increases to roughly 3000 rpm. The fast idle valve (the valve on the TB closest to the firewall that you access by removing 2 philips head screws)...
  4. need detailed pics of b20a5 coolant hoses, heater hoses, and vacuum hoses

    3rd Gen
    if anyone could get in their lude bay and take some pics of all these things for me that would be greatly appreciated. i bought the lude from someone who had removed all this himself so i have no idea how it was all ran to begin with and am having a hard time finding detailed pics of what i...
  5. Hybrid intake diameter

    Ok so heres the thing. im planning on building an intake for my 5th gen out of 3" mandrel bent aluminum from vibrant performance simply because i want a very specific design that no one else seems to have for my car. basically im building a hybrid between a short ram and a cold air which will...
  6. When in doubt... JB Weld it!

    3rd Gen
    Ok, so I have been trying to find the little bracket that holds the throttle cable in and is bolted to the intake manifold. No junk yard near me has any 3rd gens and everything on Ebay is missing this bracket. It is part #8...
  7. F/S 3rd Gen: b21 Intake Manifold, TB, & Plenum

    I have a B21 intake manifold, TB, and plenum for sale. I am asking $85 obo shipped w/ in the continental US. It is actually dirtied than it looks in the pictures. Everything has been stripped to put on the one I had bored by The EGR Valve in the picture will more than...
  8. Intake idea?

    3rd Gen
    There may be something I missed but I wanna know what would happen if it was possible to fabricate a dual intake. One that ran one pipe to the front bumper as forced cold air and one that was short ram to get the best of both world. I say this because i want to avoid making holes in the hood for...
  9. valve adjustment

    2nd Gen
    setting up to do valve adjustment on my a20a3 motor, need to know valve lift specs, anyone got um? intake and exhaust numbers please!
  10. Cold engine = lots of power?

    3rd Gen
    hey just a curious question, is it normal to have lots of power when the engine is cold? when i first start my lude up in the morning, (give it a minute to circulate the oil), it has tons of power! however when its at "operating tempurature" i have way less power. is it because of my stock...
  11. F/S: Oem and Aftermarket Stuff For Sale

    Part Outs
    These things are collecting dust and I could use some free space in the garage. all prices OBO. (I may be able to ship some of the big stuff) Located in Tampa, Fl. Text 813-679-8108 - Black front bumper $140: some spider webbing, needs paint, tabs not broken - oem amber side markers (bumper...
  12. Cold air intake!

    3rd Gen
    What would you recommend the best cold air intake to put on a 89 si, or even the best intake that will give it the most HP increase?, i have the stock B20A5 in it still
  13. throttle bypass system

    3rd Gen
    This is a multi-faceted post. Why isn't there a specific thread here in the 3rd Gen forum for classified ads and/or want to buy posts? Seems like that would be quite useful. on to my second part... I have 3 full vacuum boxes for my 88 Si. When I bought the car the secondaries did not work...
  14. Intake manifold flange drawing w/ measurement?

    4th Gen
    Intake manifold flange drawing w/ measurementfor a H22a motor, can anyone provide me with this? I want to make a intake manifold. I want to make one in CAD program and let a company machine it for me.