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  1. 5th Gen
    I am looking to get a new intake manifold for my h22a4 gen 5 prelude I want to replace it along with everything on it but I want to get an aftermarket performance one. Does anyone know what would give me the best bang for my buck?
  2. 5th Gen
    Hey, im having some troubles with installing my new skunk2 im for my new 97' 2.2vti. This is my first modification ever on a car and im totally new to the car scene so keep that in mind if any of my questions are stupid. I have removed the old manifold and im struggling to picture how to put the...
  3. Write ups & How tos
    Introduction: My 1985 prelude is equipped with Keihin 3BBL dual carburetors, a CVCC-II system for controlling emissions, and an ET2 engine. The carburetors are old, difficult, and expensive to maintain. This guide will tell you everything you need to do to replace the stock Keihin carbs with new...
  4. Wanted
    I am in need of the gasket for the EGR Plate not valve for the EuroR intake manifold. My name is Kyle, thanks for assistance!
  5. 4th Gen
    engine got washed by idiot and water got sucked into my intake manifold through my cold air intake filter. now my 4th gen wont go past 3000rpm, in rev from idle or when driving. heard both that itll just take care of itself, and heard that I need a new motor. please someone help me. 1996 Honda...
  6. 5th Gen
    Okay so at EXACTLY 2900rpms through about 3400 i get a sort of sound, and feel the vibration in either the clutch pedal or throttle, whichever my foot is on -only RPM dependent, happens in any gear -its not axles, these would make noise at certain speeds, not rpms -motor mounts? nah. if i...
  7. Wanted
    I need a FULL intake manifold with all sensors, throttle body, injectors, and fuel rail i live in idaho falls idaho 83401 so put shipping in your price quote!!
  8. 3rd Gen
    Hey i just need a little bit of help.. i have a 1989 prelude si B20A5 i was told that u can put a a throttle body form a 94 Acura Legend or a Acura Vigor and dat it will bolt right up lines will also match.. So i went ahead n honned out my intake manifold for 2 days about 7hours of labor i got...
  9. 3rd Gen
    hey how you guys doing im new into the prelude world .... i heard of people swaping h22 intake manifolds into the b20a5 i dont know if its possible but i really would like to upgrade my stock one i also heard of a company that will machine your intake manifold to the max for $100. anyone who...
  10. 5th Gen
    Ok, so recently I have been having a overheating issue. I removed the im butterfly spacer and filled the two ports on the im with Honda bond and jb weld. I have blown the hose that goes to the air control valve, picture #7 due to no hose clamps, but yesterday the #8 hose split. I don't know if...
  11. 3rd Gen
    I didn't want to keep putting out new posts for my many random questions so I am going to put them all in here and tag it post for the search feature. Here are some of my previous questions in this thread.
  12. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    OK so as much as I hate to admit it I think its about time to sell the lude. I have removed my JRSC (about 20K miles on it) and also have decided i don't need my accord euro-r intake and TB either. Its just been sitting in my garage since I got the super charger. The charger will not include the...
  13. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    I have an h23 head and intake mani (no egr valve, IACV, or throttle body. Head doesn't have anything visually wrong with it, it came off my lude when timing went bad but the mechanics who took it off said it doesn't look like theres anything wrong with it, so maybe a valve it out of adjustment...
1-13 of 14 Results